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Intentionally Omitted. The Debt Service Reserve has been reduced to the Minimum Balance. Within 30 days after termination of the Debt Service Reserve, Lender will pay to Borrower all funds remaining in the Debt Service Reserve.
Intentionally Omitted. (i)Section 3.9 of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety to read as follows:

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  • Intentionally Omitted ...................................................

  • Dated: COMPANY: By: Name: Title: Attest: By: Name: Title: SCHEDULE A Item 1 Name: Corporate or other organizational form: Jurisdiction of organization: Item 2 Exercise Price:1 Item 3 Issue Date: Item 4 Net Principal Amount: 2 Item 5 Intentionally Omitted.

  • Capitalized terms not specifically defined in this Agreement or in this section “Information Security”, shall have the meaning set forth in the DNSS 11.2 (Intentionally Omitted).

  • EXHIBIT C Litigating Subdivision List [Will be added by Xxxxxxx prior to Preliminary Agreement Date] EXHIBIT D [Intentionally Omitted] EXHIBIT E List of Opioid Remediation Uses Schedule A Core Strategies States and Qualifying Block Grantees shall choose from among the abatement strategies listed in Schedule B.

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Intentionally Omitted. 7" Paving Specifications "8" Shopping Center Lighting Specifications "9" Concept Plans ATTACHMENT "1" Standards for Grading Work
Intentionally Omitted. C" Rent Adjustment Rider "D" Signage Program 3 The paragraphs of the Lease identified above in parentheses are those provisions where references to particular items from the Basic Lease Provisions appear, and such items are incorporated into the Lease as part thereof. In the event of any conflict between any Basic Lease Provision and the Lease, the former shall control.
Intentionally Omitted is substituted in its place:
Intentionally Omitted are inserted in place thereof. All references in the Agreement to the "Offshore Rate" shall be deleted or, as the context may require, shall be deemed to refer to the "LIBOR Rate."
Intentionally Omitted is substituted in its place.
Intentionally Omitted. List of Schedules to Second Amendment • Second Amendment Schedule C-l Approved Schedule • Second Amendment Schedule C-3 - Approved Schematic Drawings • Second Amendment Schedule D - Base Building Improvements -18- 801 159084188/32203-000154
Intentionally Omitted. 17. The Operating Agreement is hereby amended to add a new Exhibit A in the form attached to this Amendment.