Band Sample Clauses

Band. Where approval or consent or other action of the Band is required, such approval shall mean the written approval of the Pokagon Council evidenced by a resolution thereof, certified by a Band official as having been duly adopted, or such other person or entity designated by resolution of the Pokagon Council. Any such approval, consent or action shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed; provided that the foregoing does not apply where a specific provision of this Agreement allows the Band an absolute or unilateral right to deny approval or consent or withhold action.
Band. Band is offered as an extracurricular activity in grades 4-6. In the past our band program has been offered free of charge due to the fact that Sheldon High School was able to provide a portion of one of their teacher’s time to provide band at Beitzel. Our band program begins in September of each year and we will communicate all details of our program to our students and families at that time.
Band. X91 ToUNR15
Band students participating in Marching Band may be exempt from physical education for the marching season only.
Band. The fifth season of the Lancaster County Marching Band Coalition was again a great success. Numbers of participants from many of the bands are up, and the students are having a great time. The Pioneer Marching Band performed their final LCMBC show on Saturday, October 27, 2018, again at McCaskey High School. Theband will continue to perform at the football games as long as the season continues. The band also participated in the Strasburg Halloween Parade, homecoming activities, and the annual band buddy night with the middle school band.
Band. S.S. Heggy, E. Bateni, S.M. Karami, H. Rabiee, M. Samadianfard, S. Chau, K.W. Mosavi, A., 2021, Groundwater level prediction in arid areas using wavelet analysis and Gaussian process regression, engineering applications of computational fluid mechanics, 15(1):1147-1158.