Band Sample Clauses

Band. Where approval or consent or other action of the Band is required, such approval shall mean the written approval of the Pokagon Council evidenced by a resolution thereof, certified by a Band official as having been duly adopted, or such other person or entity designated by resolution of the Pokagon Council. Any such approval, consent or action shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed; provided that the foregoing does not apply where a specific provision of this Agreement allows the Band an absolute or unilateral right to deny approval or consent or withhold action.
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Band. A level 8 schedule F for Marching Band in the Fall and for Concert Band semester 2.
Band. Band is offered as an extracurricular activity in grades 4-6. In the past our band program has been offered free of charge due to the fact that Xxxxxxx High School was able to provide a portion of one of their teacher’s time to provide band at Beitzel. Our band program begins in September of each year and we will communicate all details of our program to our students and families at that time.
Band. This refers to the 30 MHz of the frequency range 2,300-2330 MHz
Band. 4.1 The Secretary/Agency Head is employed in Band [specify band].
Band. Basketball, Boys or Girls Varsity Football, Boy’s Varsity Yearbook (If not part of a class) CLASS II Wrestling, Boys Varsity Baseball, Boys Varsity Softball, Girls Varsity Track, Boys or Girls Varsity Cross Country Volleyball, Varsity Head Cheerleading Coach, High School Soccer CLASS III Golf, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Basketball, Boys Jr. Varsity Basketball, Girls Jr. Varsity Football Assistants CLASS IV Baseball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Girls Freshman Basketball, Boys Freshman Softball, Jr. Varsity Student Council, High School Wrestling, Jr. Varsity Track Assistant Assistant Cheerleading Coach, High School Volleyball, Freshman Jr. Varsity Volleyball CLASS V Basketball, Boys or Girls Middle School Football, Middle School Student Council, Middle School Track, Boys or Girls, Middle School Volleyball, Middle School Weight Room Monitor (Single Position) Wrestling, Middle School CLASS VI Football, Middle School Assistant National Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Play Production Director, High School Vocal Music, Middle School and High School Cheerleading, Middle School Wrestling Assistant, Middle School Yearbook, (Part of Class) CLASS VII Future Problem Solvers, High School Associate Play Director Junior Class Sponsor/Prom (Single Position) Reading Renaissance Coordinator Senior Class Sponsor (Single Position) Science Olympiad Secondary Team Sponsor - 1 position Track Assistant, Middle School Upper Elementary Student Council Volleyball Assistant, Middle School CLASS VIII Science Olympiad Team Sponsor (Upper Elementary (4-5) SADD Organization Sponsor Spelling Team Sponsor Math Team Sponsor Secondary Freshman Class Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor NCA/School Improvement Committee BPA Team Sponsor Intramural Basketball CLASS IX Intramural, Volleyball/Wrestling Math Sponsor, (Elementary 3-4-5) Science Olympiad, (Lower Elementary 2-3) CLUB *Equestrian Club All vacancies in extracurricular positions will be posted for the purpose of teacher application in such time for said teachers to be given due consideration during any period of interview and selection to fill such vacancies. In the event a non-bargaining unit member is hired for an extracurricular position, he/she shall be paid in accordance with this section.
Band. The term ‘Band’ means the Agua Caliente Band.
Band. X Limited, (the “Vendor”), incorporated in England and Wales with company number 3342626 and having its registered office at 0xx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxx, 00 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX; and
Band. 4.1 The Health Executive is employed in Band [specify band].
Band. 4.1 The Office Holder is employed in Band [specify band].