Governmental Requirements definition

Governmental Requirements has the meaning given in Section 3.14.

Examples of Governmental Requirements in a sentence

  • The Authority may further temporarily waive any of the Minimum Standards for non-governmental Operators where the Authority, in its sole discretion, deems such waiver to be in the best interest or welfare of the Airport’s operation, and under special conditions and in unique circumstances that don’t adversely affect public health or safety, Airport finances or operations, or violate any Governmental Requirements or Regulatory Measures, or FAA Grant Assurances.

  • Any and all change orders or revisions required by the City and its inspectors which are required under the Anaheim Municipal Code and all other applicable Uniform Codes (e.g. Building, Plumbing, Fire, Electrical, etc.) and under other Governmental Requirements shall be included by Developer in its Basic Concept Drawings, the Design Development Drawings, and/or the Construction Drawings and completed during the construction of the Apartment Complex.

  • RIGHT TO SELF-SERVICEA Person may service his/her own Aircraft provided the Person does so himself/herself (or his/her Employees do so) using his/her vehicles, equipment, and resources and that the servicing is performed in accordance with all applicable safety regulations, these Minimum Standards, Authority policies, Rules and Regulations, and Authority Standard Operating Procedures, and any applicable Governmental Requirements or Regulatory Measures.

  • If Developer desires to propose any substantial exterior revisions to the approved Basic Concept Drawings or exterior or interior revisions to the Design Development Drawings, it shall submit such proposed changes to Authority Executive Director and City, and shall also proceed in accordance with any and all Governmental Requirements regarding such revisions, within the time frame set forth in the Schedule of Performance for the submittal of the Basic Concept Drawings and Design Development Drawings.

  • Developer shall pay all necessary fees and timely submit to the City final drawings with final corrections to obtain any and all such permits, and City Community Development staff will, without obligation to incur liability or expense therefor, use their reasonable efforts to expedite the City’s issuance of final building permits and certificates of occupancy for construction that meet Governmental Requirements and this Agreement.

More Definitions of Governmental Requirements

Governmental Requirements means all laws, ordinances, statutes, codes, rules, regulations, orders and decrees of the United States, the state, the county, the City, or any other political subdivision in which the Property is located, and of any other political subdivision, agency or instrumentality exercising jurisdiction over the City, the Developer or the Property.
Governmental Requirements means all laws and agreements with any Governmental Authority that are applicable to the acquisition, development, construction and/or operation of a Facility including, without limitation, all required permits, approvals and any rules, guidelines or restrictions created or imposed by any Governmental Authority (including, without limitation, any Gaming Authority).