Aggregation Sample Clauses

Aggregation. From and after the date of this Agreement, neither the Company, nor or any of its affiliates will, and the Company shall use its reasonable best efforts to ensure that no Person acting on their behalf will, directly or indirectly, make any offers or sales of any security or solicit any offers to buy any security, under circumstances that would cause this offering of the Securities by the Company to the Investor to be aggregated with other offerings by the Company in a manner that would require stockholder approval pursuant to the rules of the Principal Market on which any of the securities of the Company are listed or designated, unless stockholder approval is obtained before the closing of such subsequent transaction in accordance with the rules of such Principal Market.
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Aggregation. All Shares held or acquired by a Stockholder and/or its affiliates shall be aggregated together for the purpose of determining the availability of any rights under this Agreement, and such affiliated persons may apportion such rights as among themselves in any manner they deem appropriate.
Aggregation. All Restricted Securities held or acquired by affiliated Persons shall be aggregated for the purpose of determining the availability of any rights under this Agreement.
Aggregation. The Company shall not sell any security (as defined in Section 2 of the Securities Act) that would be aggregated with the sale of the Securities for purposes of any then-applicable rules and regulations of any Trading Market to the extent that such subsequent sale would require shareholder approval pursuant to such rules and regulations prior to the closing thereof unless such shareholder approval is obtained prior to such closing.
Aggregation. All shares of Preferred Stock of the Company held or acquired by affiliated entities or persons of an Investor (including but not limited to: (i) a constituent partner or a retired partner of an Investor that is a partnership; (ii) a parent, subsidiary or other affiliate of an Investor that is a corporation; (iii) an immediate family member living in the same household, a descendant, or a trust therefore, in the case of an Investor who is an individual; or (iv) a member of an Investor that is a limited liability company) shall be aggregated together for the purpose of determining the availability of any rights under this Agreement which are triggered by the beneficial ownership of a threshold number of shares of the Company’s capital stock.
Aggregation. Based on the account ownership structure and independent agreements between the Client and Broker, Advisor may or may not aggregate security trades with other accounts managed by the Advisor. Advisor is authorized in its discretion to aggregate purchases and sales and other transactions made for the Account with purchases and sales and other transactions in the same or similar securities or instruments of the same issuer or counterpart for other clients of Advisor or with affiliates of Advisor. When transactions are so aggregated, the actual prices applicable to the aggregated transactions will be averaged, and the Account will be deemed to have purchased or sold its proportionate share of the instruments involved at the average price so obtained.
Aggregation. All outstanding shares of capital stock of the Company held or acquired by an Affiliate of a Person shall be aggregated together with all other shares of capital stock held by such Person for the purpose of determining the availability of any rights under this Agreement.
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Aggregation. You shall not aggregate the Information or derive or develop information, services or products that use the Information, other than as expressly permitted under this Agreement.
Aggregation. We may trade transactions in respect of your portfolio together with those of other clients and of our employees and associates and their employees without asking you first. On occasions this may operate to your disadvantage or to your advantage.
Aggregation. The limitations under Code Section 402(g) as provided for in the subsection (b) and the last sentence of subsection (a) will be determined taking into account any other amounts contributed during such calendar year by the Employee through a salary reduction election under any other arrangement that is subject to the limitations of Code Section 402(g) and/or Code Section 414(v). Except as otherwise required under Code Section 415 including regulations thereunder, the limit on annual additions for a limitation year shall not be aggregated with contributions to a qualified plan of the Employee’s Employer. However, in no event can the amount of an Employee’s salary reduction contributions for a year be more than the Employee’s includible compensation (as defined in Code Section 403(b)) for the year.
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