Aggregate Limits Sample Clauses

Aggregate Limits. If any of the Insurances is subject to an annual aggregate yearly or other periodic limit, and, by reason of any claims made thereunder during the course of a year or other period in respect of any property subject to such policy, the aggregate amount of coverage available thereunder in respect of the balance of such year or other period shall have been reduced:
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Aggregate Limits. A maximum of two (2) replacements or repairs of Covered Property will be allowed per Insured Subscriber in any one twelve (12) month period. The twelve month period is calculated based on the Date of Replacement for each covered Loss.
Aggregate Limits. If any of the insurance coverages required contain aggregate limits applying to other operations of Concessionaire, Contractors or Subcontractors outside of this Agreement and these limits are diminished by any incident, accident, occurrence, claim, settlement or judgment against their insurance, Concessionaire, Contractors and Subcontractors shall take immediate steps to restore aggregate limits or shall provide other insurance protection for the aggregate limits.
Aggregate Limits. In our discretion, and for our protection, regardless of whether or not Prefunding (as that term is defined in Section 6.2 of this Service Schedule) is required, we may limit the aggregate dollar amount of your Entries for which final settlement is pending at any given time (“Aggregate Limits”). We will advise you when you enroll in the Service of your Aggregate Limits, and you agree not to exceed them. We may, in our sole discretion, refuse to process, or suspend the processing of, any Entries that exceed the Aggregate Limits, and we will have no liability to you or any other party for doing so. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless from any and all claims arising out of or relating to our refusal to process Entries that exceed the Aggregate Limits. We will periodically review your Aggregate Limits and may, in our sole discretion, change them at any time. We will notify you of changes. At our request from time to time, you agree to provide to us such information as we may reasonably require regarding your financial status, including, without limitation, copies of your most recent financial statements. We may also periodically obtain and review credit reports on you and/or your principals.
Aggregate Limits. Any aggregate limits must be declared to and be approved by the City. It is agreed that the Contractor shall notify the City whenever fifty percent (50%) of the aggregate limits are eroded during the required coverage period. If the aggregate limit is eroded for the full limit, the Contractor agrees to reinstate or purchase additional limits to meet the minimum limit requirements stated herein. Any premium for such shall be paid by the Contractor.
Aggregate Limits. Should any of the required insurance be provided under a form of coverage that includes a general annual aggregate limit or provides that claims investigation or legal defense costs be included in such general annual aggregate limit, either the general aggregate limit must apply separately to this project or the general aggregate limit shall be twice the required occurrence or claims limits specified above.
Aggregate Limits. The Subject Property shall remain in compliance with the Zoning By- Law and the following aggregate limits:
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Aggregate Limits. IF aggregate limits are imposed on bodily injury and property damage, then the amount of such limits must not be less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000).
Aggregate Limits. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement or the Merger Agreement, in no event shall Shire's Total Profit (as hereinafter defined) exceed in the aggregate $32.0 million and, if it otherwise would exceed such amount Shire, in its sole discretion, shall either (i) reduce the number of shares of Common Stock subject to the Option, (ii) pay cash to Xxxxxxx, (iii) reduce the fee set forth in Section 9.2(b) of the Merger Agreement or (iv) any combination thereof, so that Shire's actually realized Total Profit shall not exceed in the aggregate $32.0 million after taking into account the foregoing actions.
Aggregate Limits. If aggregate limits are imposed on bodily injury and property damage, then the amount of such limits must not be less than $2,000,000. General Aggregate limit applies per location (LOC) for non-construction projects and per Project for construction projects.
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