Annual aggregate definition

Annual aggregate means the total amount of financial responsibility available to cover all obligations that might occur in one year.
Annual aggregate means the total amount of awards that an owner or operator may obtain during a program year under this chapter.

Examples of Annual aggregate in a sentence

Name of insurerBond or policy numberSpecific insuring agreements and clausesCoverage for each claim ($)Annual aggregate coverage ($)Total coverage ($) Amount of the deductible ($)Expiry date (yyyy/mm/dd) If the firm’s insurance or proposed insurance is not in the form of a financial institution bond, explain how it provides equivalent coverage to the bond.

Annual aggregate $1,000,000Products & Completed Operations Coverage shall be maintained for the later of three (3) years after the delivery of goods/services or final payment under the Agreement.

The policy shall provide limits of$1,000,000 per occurrence for each wrongful act and $1,000,000 Annual aggregate.

Annual aggregate limit shall not be less than $3,000,000 and filed on a “claims-made” form.

This coverage does not apply, however, where the seating capacity as established by themanufacturer has been exceeded, regardless of any permission granted for carrying passengers.The Amount of Protection shown on your Cover Page, as applying to this Optional Extension, shall be an Annual aggregate Limit.Except as otherwise provided, all terms, provisions and conditions of this policy shall have full force and effect.

More Definitions of Annual aggregate

Annual aggregate means the most we will pay for all loss or damage arising from all occurrence(s) during any one Policy Period. "Annual Aggregate" Limit(s) of Insurance are reduced by the amount of any paid loss insured under this coverage extension.
Annual aggregate means the dollar amount of all benefits available to a fund participant for the period of time stated on the declarations page of each participation agreement issued by the board, regardless of how many separate occurrences, releases, or third party claims may occur during this same period. State law establishes the annual aggregate at two (2) million dollars.
Annual aggregate means the total remediation costs incurred within a single year for all discharges from underground storage tank systems covered by a single financial instrument.
Annual aggregate means the maximum liability of the Insurer under this policy for all losses in each policy period
Annual aggregate means the maximum financial responsibility requirement that an owner
Annual aggregate means the most we will pay for all loss or damage arising
Annual aggregate as defined in Section 2.2 hereof.