Administrative Agents Clawback Sample Clauses

Administrative Agents Clawback. Unless the Administrative Agent shall have received notice from the Borrower one (1) Business Day prior to the date on which any payment is due to the Administrative Agent for the account of any Lender hereunder that the Borrower will not make such payment in full, the Administrative Agent may assume that the Borrower has made such payment on such date in accordance herewith and may, in reliance upon such assumption, distribute the amount due to the Lenders. In such event, if the Borrower has not in fact made such payment in full, then each of the Lenders severally agrees to repay to the Administrative Agent forthwith on demand the amount so distributed to such Lender with interest thereon, for each day from and including the date such amount is distributed to it to but excluding the date of payment to the Administrative Agent, at the Federal Funds Rate. Nothing in this Section 2.15 shall be deemed to constitute a waiver or cure of any Default or Event of Default under Article 8.
Administrative Agents Clawback. Section 12.01 Administrative Agent’s Claw back
Administrative Agents Clawback. (a) [Reserved.]
Administrative Agents Clawback. Section 11.01 Administrative Agent’s Claw back
Administrative Agents Clawback. Section 13.01 Administrative Agent’s Clawback
Administrative Agents Clawback 

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  • Administrative Agent’s Fee The Borrower shall pay to the Administrative Agent a nonrefundable fee (the “Administrative Agent’s Fee”) under the terms of a letter (the “Administrative Agent’s Letter”) between the Borrower and Administrative Agent, as amended from time to time.