Acknowledging Sample Clauses

Acknowledging the serious danger and threats posed by terrorism and terrorist acts to the international community, consistent with and guided by the Movement’s principled positions thereof as well as affirming the need to defend, preserve and promote these positions, the Heads of State and Government agreed to undertake the following measures:
Acknowledging the multiple uses of research reactors, also within national research nuclear centres and universities, as valuable tools for, inter alia, education and training, research, radioisotope production and materials testing and also as a learning tool for Member States that are considering the introduction of nuclear power, and looking forward to the outcome of the International Conference on Research Reactors: Addressing Challenges and Opportunities to Ensure Effectiveness and Sustainability to be held in Buenos Aires from 25–29 November 2019,
Acknowledging the data which shows that many oversized stadia are not financially viable post-events (while generating maintenance costs);
Acknowledging the need for increasing capacity building on all levels for affected Member States in using advanced nuclear techniques in eradicating the aforementioned diseases, and
Acknowledging that it is important for Member States that opt to use nuclear power to engage the public in a science based and transparent dialogue, recognizing the utmost importance of active stakeholder involvement to Member States that are considering and planning for the introduction or expansion of nuclear power, and noting the Agency’s efforts to enhance its work on stakeholder involvement and public information,
Acknowledging the statement by the Director General on 14 June that it is essential for the integrity and credibility of the inspection process to bring these issues to a close within the next few months,
Acknowledging that the capacity of the premises under the finalized construction allows for 1.382 workstations, with a theoretical capacity up to 1.519 workstations, should all individual offices be converted into shared offices, and meeting room space reduced drastically to accommodate extra office space, 11 Idem, para. 22.12 Oversight Committee, Decision on pending contracts, dated 26 August 2015.