Clean energy definition

Clean energy means energy produced from Renewable Energy Resources (as defined below), eligible energy sources, and by means of advanced technologies that cost- effectively capture and sequester carbon emissions produced as a by-product of power generation. For purposes of this definition, “cost” means all those costs as determined by the Public Utilities Commission of the State of Colorado (“PUC”).
Clean energy means Energy that qualifies as energy generated by a clean or renewable resource under British Columbia’s Clean Energy Act, SBC 2010, c.22, as amended from time to time.

Examples of Clean energy in a sentence

  • Clean energy sources and fuels with proven benefits to air pollution reduction shall be used whenever possible in the relevant specified process and associated operations.

  • Clean energy for resilient communities: Expanding solar generation in Baltimore’s low--‐income neighborhoods.

  • Clean energy includes wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biogas combined heat and power systems.

  • The following definitions apply throughout this rule:(1) "Clean energy" has the meaning set forth in 170 IAC 17.1-2-5.(2) "Clean energy credit" has the meaning set forth in IC 8-1-37-3.

  • Proposed laws and regulations are regularly published in draft form for public comment via the internet, and law makers generally make every effort to give public submissions due consideration.

More Definitions of Clean energy

Clean energy means a technology, product, process or innovation that involves conservation of natural resources, solar en- ergy, green building products and services, biofuels, biomass energy, bio-based products or other renewable and sustainable energy.
Clean energy means energy derived from biomass, as defined in section 40-2-124 (1)(a)(I), C.R.S., geothermal energy, solar energy, small hydroelectricity, and wind energy, as well as any hydrogen derived from any of the foregoing.
Clean energy means any advanced and applied technologies
Clean energy means a technology, product, process or innovation that involves conserva-
Clean energy means a device or technology that meets the definition ofrenewable energy” in Section 26003, or that contributes to improved energy management or efficiency.
Clean energy means solar photovoltaic energy, solar thermal,