Xxxxxxx definition

Xxxxxxx means an employee elected or appointed by the Union who is authorized to represent the Union, an employee or both.
Xxxxxxx means Xxxxxxx Fixed Income Services LLC.
Xxxxxxx means Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx.

Examples of Xxxxxxx in a sentence

  • Recipient Broker/Agent shall either (i) direct the escrow/closing agent to pay the Referral Fee to at closing or (ii) pay the Referral Fee directly to within 15 calendar days of closing.

  • For each Referred Client, Recipient Broker/Agent shall pay 35% of the gross compensation earned on the referred side in connection with the sale and purchase of real property by such Referred Client if closing occurs within 18 months after the date identified via the monthly report, agent portal and/or placed such Referred Client to Recipient Agent, and the property closed with Recipient Agent (a “Referral Fee”).

  • Xxxxxxx will also provide regular updates on program progress and significant achievements to the City’s Public Information Office.

  • This requirement must be included in all subcontracts awarded by Xxxxxxx.

  • Service Provider agrees to obtain a City of Xxxxxxx business license prior to performing any work pursuant to this Agreement.

More Definitions of Xxxxxxx

Xxxxxxx has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Xxxxxxx means an employee who is a representative of the Association subject to the limitations of this agreement (Appointment And Time Off For Stewards) (« délégué syndical »);
Xxxxxxx has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Xxxxxxx shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble hereto.
Xxxxxxx. 98” Standard Ship Management Agreement
Xxxxxxx means the Union's representative at the local level who shall perform duties in accordance with the Collective Agreement and as designated by the President or staff of the Union.
Xxxxxxx means an employee of the Corporation duly accredited as such by the Union.