Chief Engineer Sample Clauses

Chief Engineer. Within the framework of the STCW ’95, this position is referred to internationally as the First Engineer. There are three grades of chief engineers in the dredging industry:
Chief Engineer. To direct the operation of employees in the bargaining unit in the performance of their duties. This does not preclude the Chief Engineer from standing watch and performing manual duties consistent with the work performed by the employees under his/her direction.
Chief Engineer in-Charge of work shall have the authority to change the arbitrator on an application by either the contractor or the Engineer-in-charge requesting change of arbitrator giving reason thereof either before the start of the arbitration proceedings or during the course of such proceedings. The arbitration proceeding would stands suspended as soon as an application for change of Arbitration is filed before the Chief-Engineer and a notice therefore given by the applicant to the Arbitrator. The Chief Engineer after hearing both the parties may pass a speaking order rejecting the application or accepting to change the Arbitrator simultaneously, appointing a technical officer not below the rank of a Superintending Engineer as Arbitrator under the contract. The new Arbitrator so appointed may enter upon the reference afresh or he may continue the hearing from the point these were suspended before the previous Arbitrator.
Chief Engineer mea ns Chief Engineer of the zone/ basin concerned.
Chief Engineer. Campus Facility Operations $3,284.12 $3,670.53 $3,863.72
Chief Engineer. The Managing Membex xxxxx xxect an individual to serve as Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer shall have such powers and perform such duties as are assigned to him by the Managing Member. The current Chief Engineer is Kevin Wall.
Chief Engineer. The expression 'The Chief Engineer' as used in the tender papers shall mean Chief Engineer P.W .Region Nagpur
Chief Engineer. Directs Shift Engineers in the operation and maintenance of the HVAC systems at the Head Office and various other buildings. Does maintenance, installation and repairs as required. Plans and implements inspections, tests and maintenance schedules for HVAC equipment. Prepares reports as required. Maintains inventory and monitors invoicing costs. Must have Third Class Stationary Engineer's Certificate, including good working knowledge of HVAC plant operation, pneumatic and electronic controls and instrumentation. Chief Operator/Area Dispatcher The duties of the Chief shall be to assist the Operations Supervisor in supervising and co-ordinating the work of the operating personnel employed within the headquarters, studying operating problems and notifying operating personnel of any changes or anticipated changes in station or area operating conditions. They shall be responsible for the prompt reporting of defects or trouble which require the attention of maintenance personnel or others. In headquarters classed as "2" or higher a Chief shall undertake the relief of shift personnel only in the case of an accident or other emergencies that may arise. Communication, Protection and Control (CPC) Technologist A journeyman/woman CPC Technologist shall undertake work on communications, protection, and control equipment and systems, as assigned.
Chief Engineer. XXXXX XXXX, PH.D., a co-founder of the Company, has served as the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and a director of the Company since its inception in 1982 and as President since 1986. Xx. Xxxx holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from XxXxxx University, Montreal, Canada, a Masters of Engineering Physics from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science in Physics with a minor in Biophysics from the University of Waterloo, Canada. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXX, PH.D., a co-founder of the Company, has served as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President since May 1997 and as Secretary, Treasurer and a director of the Company since its inception in 1982. Xx. Xxxxxx holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from XxXxxx University, Montreal, Canada, a Masters of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University. XXX X. XXXXXX has been Chief Engineer for the Company since its inception in 1982. Xx. Xxxxxx has been responsible for implementation of research and development plans and for production oversight of the Company's self-managed production team. Xx. Xxxxxx holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from XxXxxx University.