Technical Manager definition

Technical Manager means Navios ShipManagement Inc., a company incorporated in the Xxxxxxxx Islands and having its registered office at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, XX00000 or any other person appointed by an Owner, with the prior written consent of the Agent, as the technical manager of the relevant Mortgaged Vessel;
Technical Manager means any technical manager acceptable to the Agent (on behalf of the Finance Parties).
Technical Manager means, in relation to a Ship, GasLog LNG Services Ltd. or another manager appointed as the technical manager of that Ship by the relevant Owner in accordance with clause 20.3 (Manager).

Examples of Technical Manager in a sentence

  • Laboratory Testing Agency Qualifications: A testing agency qualified in accordance with ASTM C1077 and ASTM E329 for testing indicated and employing an ACI-certified Concrete Quality Control Technical Manager.

  • The Technical Manager will act as Secretary, with voice but no vote.

  • Because codes and ratings are routinely updated and revised, it is important to consult with a GenFlex Regional Technical Manager, Territory Sales Manager or Sales Representative before quoting a project requiring compliance to a specific code rating.

  • Re-certification must be done at the end of the competition by a qualified Technical Manager.

  • The Buyer’s Authorized Procurement Representative will then forward the information to CMF, who will in turn, forward the information to Government Technical Manager, who is hereby designated as the approval authority for such releases.

More Definitions of Technical Manager

Technical Manager means, in relation to the technical management of a Vessel:
Technical Manager means the Approved Technical Manager or any other company appointed in the place of the said company;
Technical Manager means Eagle Ship Management LLC.
Technical Manager means an officer or employee who is appointed to a position designated as such.
Technical Manager means a technical manager of a Vessel, being the Parent Guarantor or any Subsidiary owned 100% by the Parent Guarantor (as the case may be).
Technical Manager means Golar Management Norway AS.
Technical Manager means LMS Shipmanagement, Inc. (which may subcontract the services to Wallem Shipmanagement Limited) or such other manager acceptable to the Facility Agent;