Waterbody definition

Waterbody means any accumulation of water, surface or underground, natural or artificial, including rivers, streams, creeks, ditches, swales, lakes, ponds, marshes, wetlands, and ground water. The term does not include any storage or treatment structures.
Waterbody means surface water feature, whether standing or flowing, including, but not limited to, sounds, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and creeks including waters of the state.
Waterbody means any body of flowing or standing water, whether naturally or artificially created, and whether the flow or presence of water is continuous, intermittent or occurs only during a flood, including but not limited to a lake, river, creek, stream, and wetland (slough, marsh, swamp, etc.), including ice on any of them (The Water Protection Act 2005); and

Examples of Waterbody in a sentence

  • Waterbody that is not a TNW or an RPW, but flows directly or indirectly into a TNW, and it has a significant nexus with a TNW is jurisdictional.

More Definitions of Waterbody

Waterbody means any river, stream, lake, pond, swamp, xxxxx, or other body of water; and
Waterbody means a lake, river, wetland, or portion thereof.
Waterbody means any significant accumulation of water, such as lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, creeks, springs, seeps, artesian wells, wetlands, canals, groundwater from a subterranean stream flowing through a known and definite channel, or similar features. Waterbody shall not include off-stream constructed reservoirs filled exclusively using Non-Diversionary sources such as Captured Rainfall.
Waterbody means a watercourse or waterbasin.
Waterbody means any bay, lake, canal or natural watercourse but excludes a drainage or irrigation channel.
Waterbody means tidal or non tidal water;
Waterbody. Means a body of water (lake, pond) in a depression of land or expanded part of a river, or an enclosed basin that holds water and is surrounded by land.