Grease definition

Grease means an organic substance recoverable by procedures set forth in "Standard Methods" and includes but is not limited to hydrocarbons, esters, fats, oils, waxes and high molecular carboxylic acids;
Grease means, and includes, fats, oils, waxes or other related constituents. Grease may be of vegetable or animal origin, including butter, lard, margarine, vegetable fats and oils, and fats in meats, cereals, seeds, nuts and certain fruits. Grease may also be of mineral origin, including kerosene, lubricating oil, and road oil. Grease in the sanitary sewer system is generally present as, but need not be, a floatable solid, a liquid, a colloid, an emulsion, or in a solution.
Grease means fats, oils, greases, and other organic polar compounds derived from animal and/or plant sources that contain carbon chain triglyceride molecules, and that are detectable and measurable using analytical test procedures established in 40 CFR 136 as may be amended from time to time.

Examples of Grease in a sentence

  • Grease lines from the central lube points to the grease point shall be the shortest run possible and shall be Gates ¼” diameter 4M2T Megaflex SAE100R16 hose.

More Definitions of Grease

Grease means a material either liquid or solid, composed primarily of fat, oil, and grease from animal or vegetable sources. The terms "fats, oils, and grease (FOG), "oil and grease", or "oil and grease substances" shall all be included within this definition.
Grease means trap grease in a quantity in excess of an amount determined by the commission by rule.
Grease means material composed primarily of fats, oil and grease (FOG) from animal or vegetable sources. The terms fats, oil, and grease shall be deemed as grease, by definition. Grease does not include petroleum-based products.
Grease means a material composed primarily of fatty matter from animal or vegetable sources or from hydrocarbons of petroleum origins. The terms "oil and grease" or "oil and grease substances" shall be deemed as grease by definition.
Grease means fats, waxes, free fatty acids, calcium and magnesium soaps, mineral oils, and certain other non-fatty material from animal or vegetable sources, or from hydrocarbons of petroleum origins, commonly found in wastewater from food preparation and food service.
Grease means animal fats or vegetable oils (resulting from food preparation) which are discharged to a sewage disposal system or accumulated in collection devices or traps that are associated with sewage disposal systems, conduits, sewers, plumbing fixtures and attachments. However, this definition shall exclude petroleum products, lubricants, silicones and greases of mineral or synthetic origin.
Grease means liquid or other waste containing floatable and/or dispersed grease, vegetable oil, petroleum oil, non-biodegradable cutting oil; or fat, oil or grease product of animal, vegetable or mineral origin which is detectable and measurable using analytical test procedures established in 40 CFR 136.