Brine definition

Brine means a liquid produced as a by-product of oil or natural gas production or exploration.

Examples of Brine in a sentence

  • Brine Tank - This tank holds the salt that is added to the softener.

  • Vote: President Beye, Aye; Vice President Meagher, Aye; Councilor Brine, Aye; Councilor M.

  • Brine from exempt Mississippian wells shall not be discharged directly into the waters of the state.

  • Brine batch generators shall produce chlorine through an electrolytic cell and produces chlorine from brines composed of pool-grade salt.

  • During the year ended January 31, 2019, the Company decided not to proceed with the Lithium Brine project; therefore, impairment of $161,176 was recognized.

More Definitions of Brine

Brine means a liquid solution with a concentration of dissolved salts greater than 35 grams of dissolved constituents per kilogram of water.
Brine means all nonpotable water resulting, obtained, or produced from the exploration, drilling, or production of oil or gas, or both.
Brine means saline water with a total dissolved solid concentration greater than 40 000 mg/l.
Brine means a heavily concentrated solution containing sodium.
Brine means either saline water with a total dissolved solid concentration greater than 40 000mg/l or CSG water after it has been concentrated through water treatment processes and/or evaporation.
Brine means: (a) production brine; or (b) produced waters; or (c) flowback; or
Brine means means subterranean saltwater and all of