Tube definition

Tube means an x-ray tube, unless otherwise specified.
Tube. (Class 2) means a seamless transportable pressure receptacle of a water capacity exceeding 150 litres and of not more than 3 000 litres;
Tube means an x−ray tube, unless otherwise speci- fied.

Examples of Tube in a sentence

  • Hoepfner, “Simulation of Cosmic Muons and Comparison with Data from the Cosmic Challenge using Drift Tube Chambers”, CMS Note 2007/024 (2007).[11] P.

  • Soil samples shall be collected and shipped in accordance with ASTM Standard D 1587 (Standard Practice for Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of Soils), D 4220 (Standard Practice for Preserving and Transporting Soil Samples) and D 3550 (Standard Practice for Ring-Lines Barrel Sampling of Soils).

  • ASME B40.200.3. Case: Cast aluminum 9-inch (229-mm) nominal size unless otherwise indicated; provide weatherproofed case for outdoor installations.4. Case Form: Adjustable angle unless otherwise indicated.5. Tube: Glass with magnifying lens and blue organic liquid.6. Tube Background: Nonreflective aluminum with permanently etched scale markings graduated in deg F (deg C) .7.

  • Wojciechowski and J.L. Brash, "The Vroman Effect in Tube Geometry: The Influence of Flow on Protein Adsorption Measurements," J.

  • Tube rack must be decontaminated between each sample collected by submerging it in the bleach bath for 10 seconds then rinsing in the target waterbody at each sample point.7. When first arriving at a sample location, the lead sampler and sampling assistant will put on new gloves (powderless latex or nitrile).

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Tube. (Class 2) means a transportable pressure receptacle of seamless or composite construction having a water capacity exceeding 150 litres and of not more than 3 000 litres;
Tube means an x-ray tube, unless otherwise specified. "Tube housing assembly" means the tube housing with tube
Tube shall have the meaning set forth in the initial paragraph hereof.
Tube means the fabric tube designed to reinforce and/or carry and contain the Resin until it is cured. The Tube manufacturer manufactures or purchases the fabric and cuts and seams the layers of fabric. The Tube manufacturer supplies finished tubes to the Supplier or Installer, and may provide technical advice related to the Liner System design and installation.
Tube means the stainless steel component that is attached to a tattoo instrument and the tip; and
Tube means a seamless vessel with a capacity greater than 150 litres but not more than 5,000 litres;