Tube definition

Tube means an x-ray tube, unless otherwise specified.
Tube means an X-ray tube unless otherwise specified. See “X-ray tube.”
Tube. (Class 2) means a seamless transportable pressure receptacle of a water capacity exceeding 150 litres and of not more than 3 000 litres;

Examples of Tube in a sentence

  • Tube should have legible and clear multiple printed ID/Segment no.

  • He shall also provide all other equipments and pipes to be tested, fixing all apparatus and for carrying the testing apparatus until length of the pipes, specials and connections are finally passed by the Engineer-in-Charge.Disinfection: To be carried by the bidder prior to commissioning of the Tube well as per direction of EIC.

  • Enter the Sample Buffer Tube identification number into the Sample tube window of the Work List, either by scanning the barcode with the scanner or by manual entry.

  • Pipettare 750 µl di campione in una BD MAX™ ExK™ TNA-3 Sample Buffer Tube e chiudere la provetta con un tappo perforabile.

  • At the end of Quarter 3, Tube Lines employed 2,483 FTE staff, 172 (6.9 per cent) more than budget.

More Definitions of Tube

Tube means an x−ray tube, unless otherwise speci- fied.
Tube means an x-ray tube, unless otherwise specified. "Tube housing assembly" means the tube housing with tube
Tube means an x-ray tube, unless otherwise specified. See “X-ray tube”.
Tube shall have the meaning set forth in the initial paragraph hereof.
Tube means an X-ray tube, unless otherwise specified.¶
Tube means the fabric tube designed to reinforce and/or carry and contain the Resin until it is cured. The Tube manufacturer manufactures or purchases the fabric and cuts and seams the layers of fabric. The Tube manufacturer supplies finished tubes to the Supplier or Installer, and may provide technical advice related to the Liner System design and installation.