Blasting definition

Blasting means the use of explosive materials to fracture:
Blasting means changing the level or grade of land or rendering, tearing, demolishing, moving, or removing earth, rock, buildings, structures, or other masses or materials by seismic blasting or the detonation of dynamite or any other explosive agent.
Blasting means any method of loosening, moving or shattering masses of solid matter by use of an explosive.

Examples of Blasting in a sentence

  • Blasting and truck vibrations: CLOs need to work with the construction and environmental staff to make sure that pre-condition surveys of potentially affected homes are conducted and that blast monitoring is conducted.

  • Mitigation Measures• Blasting when required shall be restricted to daytime only.

  • The M6 Electric Blasting Cap (DODIC M130) is used to initiate high explosives with a blasting machine or other suitable source of electric power.

  • Delete entire subsection and substitute as follows: 3307.3 Blasting in congested areas or in close proximity.

  • Blasting shall be controlled so as not to make any excavation unduly large or irregular as to shatter the rock on the bottom or sides of any excavation or surface upon or against which concrete is to be placed.

More Definitions of Blasting

Blasting means cleaning, smoothing, roughening, or removing of any part of the surface of any article by the use of an abrasive of a jet of sand, metal shot, or grit or other material, propelled by a blast of compressed air or steam ;
Blasting means the use of explosives or blasting agents.
Blasting means the use of an explosive to excavate;
Blasting means the use of an explosive device for the excavation of earth, rock, or other material or the demolition of a structure;
Blasting means the detonation of explosives, generally placed in cored holes within natural rock strata, to fragment the rock and assist the process of excavation.‌
Blasting means the use of an explosive for or in connection with excavation or demolition.
Blasting means the initiation of explosives for the purposes of fragmenting of rock or ore body;