Water user definition

Water user means a person, corporation, or other entity having a right to divert water from the Bear River for beneficial use;
Water user means and includes any individual or body corporate or a society using water for agriculture, domestic, power, non-domestic, commercial, industrial or any other purpose from a Government source of irrigation;
Water user means any city, rural water district, wholesale water district or any other political subdivision of the state which is in the business of furnishing municipal or industrial water to the public.

Examples of Water user in a sentence

  • That, whereas, the Water User desires to purchase water for domestic, agricultural, commercial, industrial and other uses from the System and enter into a Water User’s Agreement as required by the By- laws of the System.

More Definitions of Water user

Water user means a private water user or a public water user.
Water user means a person who is authorised to take water pursuant to this notice.
Water user s Association” means a Water User’s Association formed at the minor level or above, which represents the users of irrigation water from that segment of any project, canal or natural flow storage system;
Water user. ’ means any person who is withdrawing or using groundwater from within the boundaries of the district in an amount not less than one acre-foot per year. If a municipality is a water user within the district, it shall represent all persons within its corporate limits who are not water users as defined above.
Water user means any person obtaining water from a public water supply system. "Water waste" means the indiscriminate, unreasonable or excessive use of potable water.
Water user means an individual or body corporate or an association or a group, using water in a command area;
Water user means any farmer holding any land either as the owner or as the tenant recorded as such in the revenue records of rights in respect of such land and includes any other individual or body or a society using water for agriculture, from a Government source.