Potable definition

Potable means water that meets the requirements of Health and Safety Code section 113869.
Potable means suitable for drinking.

Examples of Potable in a sentence

  • Potable waters are generally satisfactory for mixing and curing concrete.

  • Regional and national partners include Centre Régional pour l’Eau Potable et l’Assainissement à faible coût (CREPA) in West Africa, BRAC in Bangladesh and the National Directorate of Water (DNA) in the Mozambique government.

  • DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS All design and construction shall be done in accordance with the latest edition of the applicable standards including, but not limited to, the following: ⮚ CDPHE’s Design Criteria for Potable Water Systems⮚ City of Louisville Design and Construction Standards⮚ City of Louisville Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria Conflicts between design and construction standards shall be resolved by the City.

  • The Project shall be connected to the Town’s Potable Water and Sanitary Sewer system, prior to any Certificate of Occupancy being issued for any structure (except temporary construction uses) on the Project.

  • Category 1: (Recommended) Potable water supply shall be available or provided with sufficient quantities for domestic needs and from a public water source.The subject property us currently served by a Rural Water District #7 from an 8 inch line on the north side of W 183rd Street.

More Definitions of Potable

Potable means water safe for human consumption.
Potable means suitable for consumption as an alcoholic beverage; “premises” means any building or place whatsoever;
Potable means water that is suitable for human consumption.
Potable or “potable water” means water supplied for human consumption, sanitary use or for the washing or prepara- tion of food or pharmaceutical products.