Waterworks definition

Waterworks or “water system” means all structures, conduits and appurtenances by means of which water is delivered to consumers except piping and fixtures inside buildings served, and service pipes from building to street main.
Waterworks means any works for the collection, production, treatment, storage, supply and distribution of water, or any part of any such works, but does not include plumbing to which the Building Code Act, 1997, or any amendments thereto apply.
Waterworks means a system that serves piped water for human consumption to at least 15 service connections or 25 or more individuals for at least 60 days out of the year. "Waterworks" includes all structures, equipment, and appurtenances used in the storage, collection, purification, treatment, and distribution of pure water except the piping and fixtures inside the building where such water is delivered (see Article 2 (§ 32.1-167 et seq.) of Chapter 6 of Title 32.1 of the Code of Virginia).

Examples of Waterworks in a sentence

  • Irrigators pay a user charge based on the area irrigated, at the rate of five baht per rai (US$0.02 per ha).The Provincial Waterworks Authority can take water from the river free of charge.

  • All charges and fees above are in addition to charges and fees assessed and owed to Newport News Waterworks, the Hampton Roads Sanitation District, or any other private or municipal utility.

  • At present, a pumping station is operated by the Khao Din Water Supply Unit of the Provincial Waterworks Authority downstream from Ra Ok, on the Prasae River.

  • Environmental Services: (include Waterworks and Waste Management department) The mandate of the department is to administer sanitary and storm sewer system, distribute water, administration of waste collection and recycling.

  • Cameron, La. 70631(337) 569-2110 PROCEEDINGS The Cameron Parish Waterworks District No. 10 met in regular session at the Waterworks office located at 6246 Gulf Beach Hwy.

More Definitions of Waterworks

Waterworks means each system of structures and appliances used in connection with the collection, storage, purification, and treatment of water for drinking or domestic use and the distribution thereof to the public, except distribution piping. Systems serving fewer than 400 persons shall not be considered to be a waterworks unless certified by the Board to be such.
Waterworks means a system that serves piped water for drinking or domestic use to (i) the public,
Waterworks means all reservoirs, storage dams, weirs, wells, bores, pumps, pumping stations and machinery, tanks, aqueducts, tunnels, buildings, engines, pipes, or other works for the supply, treatment, and distribution of water, and all lands acquired, held, or used for the purposes of this Act in relation to water supply. (2) A reference in sections 37, 38, 43, 61 or 61A to an occupier shall be construed as a reference to that occupier acting with the consent of the owner.
Waterworks or "WORKS" means the waterworks system of the City of Surrey.