Verification definition

Verification means the process of comparing sets of data to establish the validity of a claimed identity (one-to-one check);
Verification means the proof of compliance with the requirements set out in the annex to this Rule through tests and checks carried out using techniques and equipment currently available, and without the use of tools to dismantle or remove any part of the vehicle;
Verification means the process of evaluating whether the measured or calculated output of an analyser, flow-measuring instrument, sensor or signal agrees with a reference signal within one or more predetermined thresholds for acceptance.

Examples of Verification in a sentence

  • Students must complete the: Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)² Verification of Course/Program Completion form in order to receive CTAG credits.

  • Verification of Coverage - CONTRACTOR shall furnish the County with original certificates and amendatory endorsements or copies of the applicable policy language effecting coverage required by this clause.

  • Vertical Layer: Security & Unique Verification Approach In our proposed architecture there is only one vertical layer aiming to provide security and uniquely identifies different resources.

  • WHA 1-210, and Surveyed Class 1, 2, and 3 Marbled Murrelet habitat area (not mapped) Map Reference: Appendix 1: Overview Map of the Forest Development Unit Monitoring (Measures and Verification): The Holder of this FSP has committed to adopting the above results, which speak to the measures set by Order listed below, and strategies which are verifiable at the site plan level in conjunction with detailed photo and aerial surveying.

  • Verification of compliance with this Section is available upon request in writing to Consultant by School.

More Definitions of Verification

Verification means to evaluate whether or not a measurement system's outputs agrees with applied reference signals within one or more predetermined thresholds for acceptance.
Verification means the determination of whether information submitted is true and accurate through independent third parties or independent documentation in accordance with FCIC procedures. With respect to certifications, asking the policyholder whether the information is true and accurate does not constitute verification.
Verification means a determination by the Executive Officer that a diesel emission control strategy meets the requirements of this Procedure. This determination is based on both data submitted or otherwise known to the Executive Officer and engineering judgement.
Verification means checking, by examination and the consideration of objective evidence, whether specified requirements have been fulfilled.
Verification means the application of methods, procedures, tests, or other evaluations, in addition to monitoring, to determine whether a control measure or combination of control measures is or has been operating as intended and to establish the validity of the quality control procedures.
Verification means the provision of information by a State Party to WHO confirming the status of an event within the territory or territories of that State Party;