Sample definition

Sample means urine, blood, breath, saliva, or hair.
Sample means a sample of blood, tissue or other biological material.
Sample means tissue, fluid or product of the human body chemically capable of revealing the presence of drugs or alcohol in the human body; and

Examples of Sample in a sentence

  • Sample or monitor at reasonable times, for the purposes of assuring permit compliance or as otherwise authorized by the Clean Water Act, any substances or parameters at any location.

  • Sample Clause: Equivalency of Standards and Codes Wherever reference is made in the Technical Specifications to specific standards and codes to be met by the goods and materials to be furnished or tested, the provisions of the latest edition or revision of the relevant standards and codes shall apply, unless otherwise expressly stated in the Contract.

  • Any clause incorporated by the Buyer such as demanding Tender Sample, incorporating any clause against the MSME policy and Preference to make in India Policy, mandating any Brand names or Foreign Certification, changing the default time period for Acceptance of material or payment timeline governed by OM of Department of Expenditure shall be null and void and would not be considered part of bid.

  • For more information, see the Description of the ASM Survey Sample.

  • Sample of items, when required, must be furnished as stipulated herein, free of expense, and if not destroyed will, upon request be returned at the bidder’s expense.

More Definitions of Sample

Sample means a tobacco product or an alternative nicotine product distributed to members of the general public at no cost for the purpose of promoting the products.
Sample means any article or articles which are regarded by the Commissioner to be of no or of negligible commercial value and which are to be used solely for soliciting orders for goods of the kind such article or articles represent;
Sample means a portion of an individual's blood, saliva, or tissue collected from the individual.
Sample means a tobacco product distributed to members of
Sample means a sample of any article of food taken under the provisions of this Act or any rules and regulations made thereunder;
Sample means such sample from the human body capable of revealing the presence of alcohol or other drugs, or their metabolites, which shall include only hair, urine, saliva, breath, and blood. However, “sample” does not mean blood except as authorized pursuant to subsection 7, paragraph “m”.
Sample means a representative part of, or a single item from, a batch which is comprised of several sample increments.