Vehicle Breakdown definition

Vehicle Breakdown means failure of the engine or drive train where there has been no breach of the rental agreement. 'Vessel' means any Bear Rentals' vessel used in or on any body of water including but not limited to Kayaks, fishing boats (“tinnies”) and surf boards including any associated or attached tools, accessories and parts available for hire. 'You' means the person or persons nominated as the hirer of Vehicle and any person whose credit card or debit card is presented for payment of the Rent.

Examples of Vehicle Breakdown in a sentence

  • Special Conditions applying to Indemnity 13 The General Conditions of this Policy apply to Indemnity 13 – Vehicle Breakdown and in addition You must meet the following conditions before We assist You: 1 Information you need to tell us There is certain information that We need to know as it may affect the terms of the service We can offer You.

  • Vehicle Breakdown or Accident In the event of a breakdown, accident, or anything else which prevents a journey being completed in the normal way, the driver or escort should contact you as quickly as possible.

  • Vehicle Breakdown or Accident Make sure you have always got the emergency phone numbers you need - e.g. your depot, school(s), and the Transportation Unit of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, together with some coins for a pay phone.

  • There are certain areas where we have studied the market and have chosen a single or a limited number of providers to work with (these include Family Legal Expenses, Uninsured Loss Recovery, Motor Legal Expenses, Key Recovery, Home Emergency, Vehicle Breakdown, Teacher, Reflexology scheme, Excess Protection, Guaranteed Hire Car, Tools in Transit scheme and Gap cover).

  • Additional Products: For the following insurance products we only offer cover fromone insurer for each product: Vehicle Breakdown Assistance, Vehicle Excess Protector, Motor Legal Expenses, Windscreen and Glass Cover and Tools in Van.

  • Contingency Strategy – Indicate a contingency strategy going to be applied in case of Urgent delivery / Public Strike / Own Strike / Vehicle Breakdown / Festive Season.

  • Adverse Weather Conditions Exclusions to Indemnity 13 The General Exclusions of this Policy apply to Indemnity 13 – Vehicle Breakdown and in addition, We will not assist You in the event of a call for assistance caused by, arising from or in connection with the following: 1 Any loss, theft, damage, death, bodily injury, cost or expense that is not directly associated with the incident that caused You to contact Us, unless expressly stated in this document.

  • Regular inspections are inspections that are planned with a defined timeframe [and] which must be conducted at least once a year.

  • Deep hole test pits shall be dug an d the results obtained and made available prior to preliminary plan approval.

  • Definitions The Policy Definitions except Definition 18 and 19 and the Definitions in Section 2 – Motor Vehicle Road Risks except Definition 2 apply to Indemnity 13 – Vehicle Breakdown, and in addition: 1 Breakdown/Immobilisation Electrical or mechanical breakdown; road traffic accident; loss of keys; loss, damage or destruction by fire, theft or vandalism; lack of fuel, incorrect fuelling or contaminated fuel and punctures, causing Your Vehicle to be immobilised.

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  • Breakdown /“breaks down”/“broken down” means an event during the policy period, that stops the vehicle from being driven because of a mechanical or electrical failure including as a result of battery failure, running out of fuel, flat tyres, but not as a result of a mis-fuel, road traffic collision, fire, flood, theft, acts of vandalism, any driver induced fault, or any key related issue other than keys locked in your vehicle;

  • Malfunction means any sudden, infrequent, and not reasonably preventable failure of air pollution control equipment, process equipment, or a process to operate in a normal or usual manner. Failures that are caused in part by poor maintenance or careless operation are not malfunctions.

  • Outage has the meaning set forth in the CAISO Tariff.

  • Lockdown means the period between 23H59 on 26 March 2020, until 23H59 on 30 April 2020;

  • Services Interruption Event means any interruption to a Works caused by; a Force Majeure Event, the Customer’s failure to carry out or perform any obligation required of it under this agreement which in the sole opinion of the Company does or may cause a delay in the Works and any other matter which in the reasonable opinion of the Company will cause an interruption or delay in the performance of the Works;

  • Vehicle measuring attitude means the position of the vehicle as defined by the co-ordinates of fiducial marks in the three-dimensional reference system.

  • Catastrophic illness or "Injury" means an illness or injury that is expected to incapacitate the employee for an extended period of time, or that incapacitates a member of the employee's family which incapacity requires the employee to take time off from work for an extended period of time to care for that family member, and taking extended time off work creates a financial hardship for the employee because he or she has exhausted all of his or her sick leave and other paid time off.

  • Outages means the planned unavailability of transmission and/or generation facilities dispatched by PJM or the NYISO, as described in Section 35.9 of this Agreement.

  • Unplanned Service Interruption means any Service Interruption where events or circumstances prevent the timely communication of prior warning or notice to the Trader or any affected Customer;

  • Shortage means that a grain dealer does not have a sufficient amount of farm produce by class and quality to cover the grain dealer's outstanding warehouse receipt obligations for that farm produce.

  • Service Interruption means the cessation of electricity supply to an ICP for a period of 1 minute or longer, other than by reason of De-energisation of that ICP:

  • Gross vehicle weight means the weight of a vehicle without load plus the weight of any load on the

  • Excluded Downtime has the meaning set forth in Section 2 below.

  • FIRM PROCUREMENT means the agreement between the parties for mutually agreed terms and conditions with commitment of Quantity Ordered.

  • Relevant Force Majeure Event means a Force Majeure Event in relation to which an Affected Party is claiming relief under this Clause 17; and

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ("UAV") (9) means any aircraft capable of initiating flight and sustaining controlled flight and navigation without any human presence on board.

  • Degradation means a decrease in the useful life of the right-of-way caused by excavation in or disturbance of the right-of-way, resulting in the need to reconstruct such right-of-way earlier than would be required if the excavation or disturbance did not occur.

  • Problem means an unknown underlying cause of one or more Incidents. It becomes a Known Error when the root cause is known and a temporary workaround or permanent alternative has been identified.

  • Gross vehicle mass or "maximum mass" means the technically permissible maximum laden mass as declared by the manufacturer.

  • Transit Passenger means a passenger who arrives at the airport in an aircraft and departs from the airport in the same aircraft, where such an aircraft is operating a through flight transiting the airport, and includes a passenger in transit through the airport who has to depart in a substituted aircraft because the aircraft on which the passenger arrived has been declared unserviceable.

  • Material Damage and "Materially Damaged" means damage which, in Seller's reasonable estimation, exceeds $200,000.00 to repair or which, in Seller's reasonable estimation, will take longer than ninety (90) days to repair.

  • Hacking means unauthorised access to any computer or other equipment or component or system or item which processes, stores, transmits or retrieves data.

  • Downtime means the Total Minutes in the Month during which the Cloud Service (or Servers for Server Provisioning) does not respond to a request from SAP’s Point of Demarcation for the data center providing the Cloud Service (or Server for Server Provisioning), excluding Excluded Downtime.

  • Catastrophic Damage as used hereunder is major change or damage to In- cluded Timber on Sale Area, to Sale Area, to access to Sale Area, or a combination thereof:

  • Planned Service Interruption means a Service Interruption that has been scheduled to occur in accordance with schedule 5;

  • Epidemic means a sudden development and rapid spreading of a contagious disease in a region where it developed in a simply endemic state or within a previously unscathed community.