Catastrophic Damage definition

Catastrophic Damage as used hereunder is major change or damage to In- cluded Timber on Sale Area, to Sale Area, to access to Sale Area, or a combination thereof:
Catastrophic Damage as used hereunder is major change or dam- age to Included Timber on Contract Area, to Contract Area, to access to Contract Area, or a combination thereof:
Catastrophic Damage means an unexpected and unintentional external event that results in an unrepairable physical damage to the insured product that permanently prevents the insured product from operating as intended by the manufacturer, including separating into multiple pieces. The damage shall not be foreseeable and shall be beyond your control or the control of anyone you entrust with the insured product.

Examples of Catastrophic Damage in a sentence

  • In event of Catastrophic Damage and ad- justment, if any, of Included Timber, Contracting Officer shall make an appraisal to determine for each species the catastrophe-caused difference between the appraised unit value of Included Timber remaining immediately prior to the catastrophe and the appraised unit value of existing and potential Included Timber immediately after the ca- tastrophe.

  • As pro- vided under B8.32, undesignated live and dead timber within Sale Area, meeting Utilization Standards, and af- fected by Catastrophic Damage.

  • This contract may be terminated by written notice from Contracting Officer, if there is Catastrophic Damage and Purchaser does not agree, under B8.32, within 30 days of receipt from Contracting Officer of contract modifications proposed to permit the harvest of the catastrophe- affected timber.

  • In event of Catastrophic Damage, this contract may be modified un- der B8.32, following rate redetermination under B3.32, or terminated under this Subsection.

  • Upon agreement under B8.32, redetermined rates and Required Deposits shall be considered established under B3.1 for timber Scaled subsequent to Catastrophic Damage.

More Definitions of Catastrophic Damage

Catastrophic Damage is major change or damage to Included Products on Sale Area, to Sale Area, to access to Sale Area, or a combination thereof:
Catastrophic Damage. The massive volcanic eruption and tsunami in Tonga caused catastrophic damage with homes destroyed and many communities covered in thick ash. Do you know? ● The stratosphere is the layer of atmosphere between 10-50 kilometres above the surface of the Earth. ● The water vapour is a greenhouse gas released by the volcano, roughly 10 percent of the water already present in the stratosphere.
Catastrophic Damage means any natural disaster affecting more than 500 acres of the Timberlands.
Catastrophic Damage means widespread and severe damage to the Plant caused by Force Majeure which renders it inoperable.
Catastrophic Damage is defined in Section 7.8.1.
Catastrophic Damage means any item (or group of related items arising from a related series of events or causes) of CapEx Work that arises as a direct result of a casualty event, and that has an estimated cost that is more than the amount of expected available insurance proceeds, plus any amounts in the CapEx Fund and the County Tax Revenues Fund, plus $25,000,000 (which $25,000,000 shall be adjusted each Lease Year in proportion to the CPI Change from the previous Lease Year), plus any Club retained or self-insured amounts (which total is herein referred to as the “Threshold Amount”). In the event of any Catastrophic Damage, neither Party shall have any obligation to pay any costs of repair of such Catastrophic Damage in excess of available insurance proceeds except as set forth in Section 7.8.4.
Catastrophic Damage is a man-made event that causes physical damage to, and significantly affects the value of, five or more residential units in the Subject Property.