Hacking definition

Hacking means unauthorised access to any computer or other equipment or component or system or item which processes, stores, transmits or retrieves data.
Hacking means the chipping of the surface of a grindstone by a hack or similar tool.
Hacking and Vandalism Prohibited Users are prohibited from accessing restricted resources, defacing technology resources (both physical and electronic defacement), or circumventing any security or access control measures used to protect District resources.

Examples of Hacking in a sentence

  • Hacking, which is defined as any modification of the League of Legends game client.

  • Hacking, which includes, without limitation, gaining or attempting to gain access to, modifying, or obtaining copies of, information belonging to others or information you are not authorized to access.

  • Any action that violates existing Board policy or public law.2. Transmitting, accessing, uploading, downloading, or distributing offensive, profane, pornographic, obscene, illegal activities or sexually explicit materials.3. Hacking or wiping the digital device in any way.4. Changing or removing digital device settings, restrictions and configuration profiles (exceptions include personal settings such as font size, brightness, volume, etc.)5.

  • Using the network for financial gain, for commercial activity or for any illegal activity "Hacking" or gaining unauthorized access to other computers or computer systems, or attempting to gain such unauthorized access6.

  • Hacking shall mean unauthorised access to any computer or other equipment or component or system or item, which processes, stores, transmits or retrieves data, whether the property of the Insured or not.

More Definitions of Hacking

Hacking means the temporary release of a raptor held for falconry to the wild so that it must survive on its own.
Hacking means unauthorized and intentional access to the Computer Hardware for the Program and/or Software.
Hacking into the Software or the introduction into the Software of viruses or other unauthorized, damaging or corrupting elements.
Hacking means the release, sometimes temporary, of a raptor to the wild so that it may survive on its own.
Hacking means the unauthorized or malicious intrusion to your computer system.
Hacking means unauthorized access or intrusion by a Third party using improper digital means including E-mail Spoofing and Phishing.
Hacking means any unauthorized access, programming or modification of computer code, or other action related to any SOFTWARE’s component, including without limitation, the SERVER SOFTWARE, Client, Billing System, SOFTWARE Data, any database, or any other components of the SOFTWARE, and including without limitation, any cheats, any activity that may be construed as fraud and related activity in connection with computers.