Problem definition

Problem means an unknown underlying cause of one or more Incidents. It becomes a Known Error when the root cause is known and a temporary workaround or permanent alternative has been identified.
Problem means a cause of one or more Incidents.
Problem means a defect in Software as defined in SailPoint’s standard Software specification that significantly degrades such Software.

Examples of Problem in a sentence

  • Unduplicated number of patients to be served in the Family Planning Clinic: Estimated percent of self-pay patients to be served in the Family Planning Clinic: 18 Attachment C, pages 18-24* • Revised and reorganized content of the Attachment for clarity −History, Physical Assessment, Labs, and Routine Supply Visit sections reformatted • Second column eliminated • Changed Other Office Visits section to Problem- Focused Office Visits for clarity • *Note revision to Item 16.

  • Problem Statement: Westland Motors (Pty) Ltd requires the improvement of speed, reporting, development of new features, integration with various systems and the update of the user interface (UI) to enhance the ongoing user experience.

  • Problem: The relief employee is lacking 12 hours in his second week in that pay period.

  • The Service Provider and concerned IBA personnel will determine and assign the severity of reported issue / case in accordance with the following definitions: SEVERITY LEVEL 1 (S1) A Problem that criticality impacts IBA’s ability to do business.

  • CORE COMPETENCIES Analytical Problem Solving Clinical Skill Adaptable Knowledgeable Dependable Takes Initiative Motivated Detail Oriented Professional Technical Skills Organized Excellent Communication Strong Time Management Exercise Good Judgment PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES and DUTIES ● Create and maintain schedule for adequate staff coverage and performance, ensuring proper staff to client ratio at all times.

More Definitions of Problem

Problem means a violation of any WAC or RCW applicable to the operation of an assisted living facility:
Problem means a reproducible condition that causes the operation of a Program to deviate from its Documentation, when such Program is used with the prescribed Program Requirements and so as to impact Licensee’s ability to use the Program in the manner described in the Documentation.
Problem means any faults or errors with the Services performed by Us with respect to the Goods and/or Articles and notified in accordance with Clause 4.
Problem means a violation of any WAC or RCW applicable to the operation of a boarding home:
Problem means a condition often identified as a result of multiple Incidents that exhibit common symptoms. Problems can also be identified from a single significant Incident, indicative of a single error, for which the cause is unknown, but for which the impact is significant.
Problem means a reproducible defect that causes the Covered Offering to fail to conform to its applicable current Documentation.