Epidemic definition

Epidemic means a sudden development and rapid spreading of a contagious disease in a region where it developed in a simply endemic state or within a previously unscathed community.
Epidemic means a sudden severe outbreak of disease that spreads rapidly and affects, within a very short period, an inordinately large number of people within a geographical region. For example, SARS.

Examples of Epidemic in a sentence

  • Health Emergency Preparedness and Response to Include IT Support for Epidemic and Bio- Terrorism Simulations, Emergency Response Training, Exercise Support, etc.

  • Supplier warrants all Products against Epidemic Failure for a period of three years after DXC’s Acceptance.

  • If an Epidemic Failure occurs, all costs, including but not limited to, replacement Products, parts, upgrades, materials, labor, transportation and inventory replacement arising from an Epidemic Failure shall be borne by Supplier, regardless of whether DXC initiates a field stocking recall or customer-based recall or retrofit, including Products in distributor inventory and DXC’s installed base.

  • Type of Emergency (The state may check more than one box): XPandemic or Epidemic Natural Disaster National Security EmergencyEnvironmentalOther (specify): E.

  • Throughout the duration of the warranty period for Epidemic Defect, the Supplier shall provide an analysis and action plan to correct any Epidemic Defect as notified by the Purchaser within a maximum period of five (5) business days from said notification.

More Definitions of Epidemic

Epidemic means the occurrence in a community or region of a group of similar conditions of public health importance that are in excess of normal expectancy and derived from a common or propagated source.
Epidemic means the occurrence or outbreak in a community or region of cases of an illness clearly in excess of normal expectancy and derived from a common or propagated source. The number of cases indicating an epidemic will vary according to the infectious agent, size, and type of population exposed, previous experience or lack of exposure to the disease, and time and place of occurrence. Epidemicity is considered to be relative to usual frequency of the disease in the same area, among the specified population, at the same season of the year.
Epidemic means an extension of a disease subject to the Regulations by a multiplication of cases in an area;
Epidemic means the occurrence or outbreak in a facility of one or more cases of an illness in excess of normal expectancy for that illness, derived from a common or propagated source.
Epidemic means any contagious disease outbreak which is classified as such or pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) or Malaysia’s Ministry of Health.
Epidemic means an outbreak of a communicable disease which calls for infection control measures to be applied extensively;
Epidemic means a disease that affects a disproportionately large number of individuals in a population, community, or region at the same time.