Vacation definition

Vacation means annual vacation with pay.
Vacation has the meaning ascribed to it in section "4.6" hereinbelow.
Vacation means vacation with pay.

Examples of Vacation in a sentence

  • Vacation accruals for eligible employees will be based upon hours compensated, years of continuous service with the Pierce County Library System, and specified accrual rates.

  • Vacation pay for those to two (2) weeks’, three (3) weeks’, four (4) weeks’, five (5) weeks’ or six (6) weeks’ vacation be at or Vacation pay be by applying the appropriate percentages to the employee's wages earned in the previous calendar year and, in calculating wages, no account shall be taken of any vacation pay previously paid.

  • Vacation leave, sick leave, and PTO will continue to accrue at the regular rate.

  • Vacation leave shall be accrued per ORC 124.13, requested and approved as determined by OOD management.

  • TREATMENT OF PAID ABSENCES: Vacation, holiday, sick leave pay and other paid absences are included in salaries and wages and are claimed on grants, contracts and other agreements as part of the normal cost for salaries and wages.

More Definitions of Vacation

Vacation means annual vacation at the Basic Rate of Pay.
Vacation means the vacation to which the Executive is entitled, as contemplated in Schedule B.
Vacation. Any interval between two Academic Terms
Vacation means a scheduled workday or accumulation of scheduled workdays on which an employee may by prearrangement continue to receive his/her regular rate of compensation although he/she does not work.
Vacation is defined as that period of time when a member need not be engaged in appropriate professional activity.
Vacation means an action to extinguish the effect and force of a finalized binding site plan, plat, or short plat or portion thereof, such that the property reverts to its pre-subdivision parent parcel configuration.
Vacation means the annual vacations of the public schools, as may be notified by the Authority from time to time.