Transitional housing definition

Transitional housing means buildings configured as rental housing developments, but operated under program requirements that require the termination of assistance and recirculating of the assisted unit to another eligible program recipient at a predetermined future point in time that shall be no less than six months from the beginning of the assistance.
Transitional housing means a Rental Housing Development operating under programmatic constraints that require the termination of assistance after a specified time or event, in no case less than 6 months after initial occupancy, and the re-renting of the Assisted Unit to another eligible participant.

Examples of Transitional housing in a sentence

  • Transitional housing, supportive services for youths, aged 16 to 21 Youth Services Bureau Youth shelterOlcott Cancer Center offers free informationBy Erin Wyatt, RN, BSN, OCN, Cancer Educator, Olcott Center for Cancer No one should have to face cancer alone.

  • Transitional housing can be provided in one structure or several structures, at one site or in multiple structures at scattered sites.

  • Component 1: Transitional Housing Transitional housing (TH) is a type of supportive housing used to facilitate the movement of homeless individuals and families to permanent housing.

  • Transitional housing must be able to guarantee that a bed has been reserved for the offender so that the offender does not find himself/herself homeless upon release.

  • Transitional housing residents may need assistance with all the tasks and stress involved in locating, obtaining, moving into, and maintaining the housing.

More Definitions of Transitional housing

Transitional housing means residential housing units owned, operated, or managed by a nonprofit agency or governmental entity in which supportive services are provided to individuals or families that were formerly homeless, with the intent to stabilize them and move them to permanent housing within a period of not more than 24 months.
Transitional housing means housing units owned, operated,
Transitional housing means housing intended to be occupied by a sex offender for 45 days or less immediately after release from incarceration.
Transitional housing means temporary or nonpermanent housing. [C79, 81, §562A.6]95 Acts, ch 125, §3; 2013 Acts, ch 97, §2Referred to in §135O.1 562A.7 Unconscionability.1. If the court, as a matter of law, finds that:
Transitional housing means a project that provides housing and supportive services to homeless persons or families for up to two years and that has as its purpose facilitating the movement of homeless persons and families into independent living.
Transitional housing means housing and supportive ser- vices for homeless persons that is designed to facilitate the move- ment of homeless persons to independent living.
Transitional housing means housing intended to be occupied by a sex offender for 45 days