The Local Authority definition

The Local Authority means the Local Children’s Services Authority and includes the local authority within the meaning of the Education Acts for the area in which the School is situated.
The Local Authority means the Council of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.
The Local Authority. , in relation to common land, means any local authority which has powers in relation to the land under section 9 of the Commons Registration Act 1965;

Examples of The Local Authority in a sentence

  • PLEASE NOTE: A child’s home will be the address at which the child normally resides and which has been notified to relevant agencies (e.g. the Local Authority) as being the child’s normal place of residence.

  • If two addresses are provided, the Local Authority will decide which address should be used as the main residence for the purpose of processing the application as they only accept one current address.

  • Any incident with the potential for environmental contamination of surface water or groundwater, or posing an environmental threat to air or land, or requiring an emergency response by the Local Authority.

  • Where appropriate, such information may be shared with external agencies such as the child protection team at the Local Authority, the Local Authority Designated Officer and / or the Police.

  • Education, Health and Care Plan’ is a plan made by the Local Authority under section 37 of the Children and Families Act 2014, specifying the special educational provision required for a child.

More Definitions of The Local Authority

The Local Authority means local authority or port health authority named in the Agreement;
The Local Authority means the Great Kei Municipality;
The Local Authority means North Lanarkshire Council. “The Scheme” means this Integration Scheme.
The Local Authority means City of Cape Town.
The Local Authority means the Kwadukuza Local Authority or any other local authority having jurisdiction over the Estate;
The Local Authority means the local authority by which a maintained school is, or a proposed school is to be, maintained;
The Local Authority means Oldham Council acting in its capacity as local education authority.