the Project Officer definition

the Project Officer means the person named in Section 4 of this Agreement who is responsible for issuing instructions and dealing with all correspondence in connection with the technical aspects of the Agreement and each Calldown Contract. This person may differ in relation to each Calldown Contract wherein the Project Officer will be named;
the Project Officer means the Council’s Regeneration, Heritage and Economic Development Manager

Examples of the Project Officer in a sentence

  • The complete Proposals shall be submitted without alterations, erasures or omissions, except those to accord with instructions issued by the Project Officer through Briefing Notes, in which case, such corrections shall be initialled in black ink by the person or persons signing the proposal.

  • Yes To ensure that the proposal complies with available guidelines and that partners are aware of their responsibilities, the Project Officer certifies to the following statement: I have read the 2016 Standard Grant proposal instructions, eligibility information, and applicable U.S. grant administration policies and informed partners or partners have read the material themselves.

  • The Project Officer shall notify RIDOH in writing immediately, and seek approval from RIDOH, should a change to this Agreement be necessary in the opinion of the Project Officer.

  • If a grant has been awarded to a project which is later abandoned, the Project Officer (or in their absence OC Accounts) must ensure:• a report detailing the circumstances of the project abandonment/deferral is provided to the Fund Grants Officer; and• any grant award money is returned.

  • For receipts, see Article II.17 of the GApotential impact on the "Description of Work" arises (most cases), to check this (i.e. by e-mail) with the Project Officer in the Commission.

  • Any Bidder and/or their constituent Member(s) that engages or communicates with any of the officials, agents or advisors to the Project on any matter concerning the Project at any time during the Project procurement process, without due authority of the Project Officer, shall be disqualified from further participation in the procurement process.

  • All correspondence from the Bidder should be addressed to the Project Officer and must be signed by an authorised person or persons, legally binding the Bidder.

More Definitions of the Project Officer

the Project Officer means the Council’s Regeneration Programme Manager
the Project Officer means the person who is responsible for all technical aspects of the Programme.
the Project Officer means the Council’s Purchasing Officer NOW THIS DEED WITNESSETH as follows:-
the Project Officer is responsible for: (1) monixxxxxx the Contractor's technical progress, including the surveillance and assessment of performance and recommending to the Contracting Officer changes in requirements; (2) interpreting the Statement of Work and any other technical performance requirements; (3) performing technical evaluation as required; (4) performing technical inspections and acceptances required by this contract; and (5) assisting in the resolution of technical problems encountered during performance. The Contracting Officer is the only person with authority to act as agent of the Government under this contract. Only the Contracting Officer has authority to: (1) direct or negotiate any changes in the Statement of Work; (2) modify or extend the period of performance; (3) change the delivery schedule; (4) authorize reimbursement to the Contractor any costs incurred during the performance of this contract; or (5) otherwise change any terms and conditions of this contract. [The Contracting Officer hereby delegates the Project Officer as the Contracting Officer's authorized representative responsible for signing software license agreements issued as a result of this contract.] The Government may unilaterally change its Project Officer designation.

Related to the Project Officer

  • the Contract Officer means the person named in Section 4 who is responsible for all contractual aspects of the Contract.

  • Procurement Officer means the Buyer's contracting personnel, as identified in the Introductory Materials.

  • forest officer means a full-time employee of the department of natural resources who is designated a forest officer under section 1503.29 of the Revised Code and is in compliance with section 109.77 of the Revised Code.

  • Investigating Officer means an individual, or his or her designee, appointed by the chief administrative officer of each institution, to conduct investigations of nonacademic misconduct under this chapter.

  • City’s Project Manager means the City’s employee, or his/her delegate, who is authorized in writing to deal with the Consultant on behalf of the City in connection with the Services, or to make decisions in connection with this Agreement;

  • Contracting Officer means the person designated by the Director or his duly authorized representative to execute this Agreement on the behalf of the Judiciary, and any other successor Contracting Officer who has responsibility for this agreement. The term includes, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the authorized representative of a Contracting Officer acting within the limits of his written authority.

  • Accounting Officer means the municipal manager appointed in terms of Section 60 of the Municipal Finance Management Act.

  • The Project means supply, installation, testing and commissioning, integration of computer hardware and services with support under Warranty and annual maintenance contract, if required for the contract period.

  • Inspecting Officer means any officer as mentioned below corresponding to different departments: