TECHNICAL EVALUATION. (a) Detailed technical evaluation shall be carried out by Purchase Committee pursuant to conditions in the tender document to determine the substantial responsiveness of each tender. For this clause, the substantially responsive bid is one that conforms to all the eligibility and terms and condition of the tender without any material deviation. The Institute’s determination of bid’s responsiveness is to be based on the contents of the bid itself without recourse to extrinsic evidence. The Institute shall evaluate the technical bids also to determine whether they are complete, whether required sureties have been furnished, whether the documents have been properly signed and whether the bids are in order.
TECHNICAL EVALUATION. The Manager shall provide the oversight to assure that the operator of the Owner’s Assets performs the technical, geological, petroleum engineering and related evaluations that are necessary or appropriate under the Standards set forth in Section 2.3 to perform the Lease Operations and to evaluate proposed acquisitions of oil and gas properties by the Owner.
TECHNICAL EVALUATION. Offers will be evaluated on:
TECHNICAL EVALUATION. The Evaluators will independently review and score the responsive technical responses using the evaluation criteria described in Attachment I – Technical Proposal and Technical Proposal Evaluation Criteria.
TECHNICAL EVALUATION. Bidders will be required to provide technical details of the scheduled Items that meets the provided technical requirement. Only Bidders who score 70% and above will be considered to be technically responsive and therefore be considered for further evaluation
TECHNICAL EVALUATION. The Government will evaluate technical Quotations based on the factors shown below using adjectival ratings of Excellent, Good, Acceptable, and Unacceptable. The response must demonstrate an understanding of the requirements and that all requirements have been addressed. The Excellent and Good ratings will be based upon exceeding the minimum requirements, which are advantageous to the Government. Risk will also be included in the evaluation. The evaluation will be performed on the basis of the following sub-factors and considerations:
TECHNICAL EVALUATION. The technical part is evaluated on the basis of its responsiveness to the Terms of Reference (TOR). # Criteria for technical evaluation Max. points 3 Proven ability in photography and ability to assimilate and communicate complex visual messages in an engaging and user-friendly manner. Story telling ability. (sample portfolio to be provided) 40 6 Excellent command of Romanian and/or Russian. Knowledge of English will be an asset (Romanian and/or Russian – 30 pts, English – 10 pts) 40 Total Technical Scoring 210
TECHNICAL EVALUATION. To be technically acceptable, the bid shall meet or exceed the stipulated requirements and specifications in the ITB. A Bid is deemed to meet the criteria if it confirms that it meets all mandatory conditions, procedures and specifications in the ITB without substantially departing from or attaching restrictions with them. If a Bid does not technically comply with the ITB, it will be rejected. The technical criteria for the tender should be as follows: • Item/Milestone offered must clearly mentioning the name / make and model of items with full specification to be considered for the whole period of the Purchase agreements. • Must be able to complete 100 shelter rehabilitations in 30 calendar days. • Must Submitting a reasonable and acceptable workplan of completing 100 Unit per one month.
TECHNICAL EVALUATION. E5.1 Only such Tenderers who qualify Eligibility criteria evaluation pursuant to paragraph E4.1 above will have their Technical Proposal evaluated by the Employer. The requirements for the Tenderers Technical Proposal submissions are provided for in Annexure 2 of this ITT.
TECHNICAL EVALUATION. Service Provider shall provide technical, geological, petroleum engineering and related evaluations that are necessary or appropriate to perform the Service and to evaluate proposed acquisitions of oil and gas properties by Owner.