Inspecting Officer definition

Inspecting Officer means any officer as mentioned below corresponding to different departments:
Inspecting Officer means any Labour Enforcement Officer or Assistant Labour Commissioner of the Chief Labour Commissioner’s organisation.
Inspecting Officer means, officer of the Corporation appointed by the Chief Engineer or the purchasing authority for inspection.

Examples of Inspecting Officer in a sentence

  • Appeal against decision of Inspecting Officer: Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Inspecting Officer may appeal against such decision to the competent authority concerned within THIRTY days time stipulated from the date of the decision, forwarding simultaneously a copy of his appeal to the Engineer-in- Charge.

  • Disposal of amounts recovered from the Contractor: The Engineer-in- Charge shall arrange payment to workers concerned within FORTY FIVE days from receipt of a report from the Inspecting Officer except in cases where the Contractor had made an appeal under Regulation16 of these Regulations.

  • Enforcement: The Inspecting Officer shall either on his own motion or on a complaint received by him carry out investigations, and send a report to the Engineer-in-Charge specifying the amounts representing Workers' dues and amount of penalty to be imposed on the Contractor for breach of these Regulations, that have to be recovered from the Contractor, indicating full details of the recoveries proposed and the reasons there for.

More Definitions of Inspecting Officer

Inspecting Officer means the person or organisation stipulated in the contract for inspection under the contract and includes his/ their authorised representative;
Inspecting Officer means officer(s) of Central Warehousing Corporation authorized for the purpose of inspection of the stores or work under the contract.
Inspecting Officer means the person specified in the Contract for the purpose of inspection of the stores or work under the contract and includes his authorized representatives.
Inspecting Officer means the person(s), firm(s) or organization nominated by the Purchaser for the purpose of inspection of buses or works under the agreement and includes its / their authorized representative(s).
Inspecting Officer means any Labour Enforcement Officer, or Assistant Labour Commissioners of the Chief Labour Commissioner’s Organization.
Inspecting Officer means a member of the Police Force or an authorised officer;
Inspecting Officer means the person/persons nominated by the purchaser to inspect the stores on his behalf.