Project Officer definition

Project Officer means a person identified by the accounting officer or accounting authority of an institution, who is capable of managing and is appropriately qualified to manage a PPP to which that institution is party from its inception to its expiry or termination;
Project Officer means a person employed to develop or undertake a social welfare project or series of projects, where such employee is subject to minimal direction and supervision by another employee in performance of such work and is solely responsible for the outcomes of that particular project or projects.
Project Officer means an official or staff member of the public entity who is designated by the accounting officer as the project officer in respect of a public private partnership project;

Examples of Project Officer in a sentence

  • The Federal Project Officer (FPO) assigned to this grant is Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx.

  • The Recipient agrees to notify the EPA Project Officer listed in this award document of public or media events publicizing the accomplishment of significant events related to construction projects as a result of this agreement, and provide the opportunity for attendance and participation by federal representatives with at least ten (10) working days’ notice.

  • The recipient agrees to submit semi-annual performance reports to the EPA Project Officer.

  • Prior to environmental data collection or data compilation, the QAPP must be approved by the EPA Project Officer.

  • If there have been any new key management staff hired since the last PCA application, upload biographical sketches for the individuals, if not previously submitted to your Project Officer.

More Definitions of Project Officer

Project Officer means the person named in Section 4 who is responsible for issuing instructions and dealing with all correspondence in connection with the technical aspects of the Contract;
Project Officer means an employee of the Department, who acts as a liaison with Grantees and administers Bond Act grants.
Project Officer means the person specified (by name or position) in Item 6 [Project Officer] or any substitute notified to the Service Provider.
Project Officer means the person assigned by the Secretary, DHHS, to monitor a crisis counseling program, provide consultation, technical assist- ance, and guidance, and be the contact point within the DHHS for program matters.
Project Officer means the FW employee assigned to this Project for purposes of oversight of the project. The Project Officer will be responsible for all aspects of the Contract (excluding contract modifications) after contract award, including but not limited to approving design changes, and authorizing payment for completed work, etc.
Project Officer means the individual whose responsibilities include oversight of the activities of a government contract.
Project Officer means the person identified by the accounting officer or accounting authority to manage the project from its inception to completion;