Project Officer definition

Project Officer means a person identified by the accounting officer or accounting authority of an institution, who is capable of managing and is appropriately qualified to manage a PPP to which that institution is party from its inception to its expiry or termination;
Project Officer means a person employed to develop or undertake a social welfare project or series of projects, where such employee is subject to minimal direction and supervision by another employee in performance of such work and is solely responsible for the outcomes of that particular project or projects.

Examples of Project Officer in a sentence

  • In accordance with the Arlington County Purchasing Resolution, claims denied by the Project Officer may be submitted to the County Manager in writing no later than 60 days after the final payment.

  • All disputes arising under this Agreement or concerning its interpretation, whether involving law or fact and including but not limited to claims for additional work, compensation or time, and all claims for alleged breach of contract must be submitted in writing to the Project Officer as soon as the basis for the claim arises.

  • The Contractor must submit any request for termination costs, with all supporting documentation, to the County Project Officer within 30 days after the expiration of the Cure Period.

  • The Contractor must submit all written reports required by this Contract for advance review in a format approved by the Project Officer.

  • The Contractor must continue to work as scheduled pending a decision of the Project Officer, County Manager, County Board or a court of law.

More Definitions of Project Officer

Project Officer means an official or staff member of the public entity who is designated by the accounting officer as the project officer in respect of a public private partnership project;
Project Officer means an employee of the Department, who acts as a liaison with Grantees and administers Bond Act grants.
Project Officer means the person assigned by the Secretary, DHHS, to monitor a crisis counseling program, provide consultation, technical assist- ance, and guidance, and be the contact point within the DHHS for program matters.
Project Officer means the person identified by the accounting officer or accounting authority to manage the project from its inception to completion;
Project Officer means the person specified (by name or position) in Item 6 [Project Officer] or any substitute notified to the Service Provider.