Definition of Term Facility Documents

Term Facility Documents means the Term Facility, the Term Facility Security Documents and any other related documents or instruments executed and delivered pursuant to the Term Facility or the Term Facility Security Documents evidencing or governing the obligations thereunder.

Examples of Term Facility Documents in a sentence

In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of this Agreement and the provisions of any of the Term Facility Documents, the RBL Facility Documents, any Other First-Priority Lien Obligations Documents and/or any Other Second-Priority Lien Obligations Documents, the provisions of this Agreement shall control.
The Administrative Agent shall have received copies of all the Term Facility Documents.
Subject to the Intercreditor Agreement, such Grantor agrees to take any and all appropriate actions reasonably necessary to defend title to the Collateral against all Persons and to defend the security interest of the Administrative Agent in its Collateral and the priority thereof against any Lien not permitted hereunder, the Credit Agreement or the Term Facility Documents.
Term Facility Documents means that certain Credit Agreement dated July 6, 2006, by and among Borrower, the financial institutions named therein (including Bank of America, N.A.) and the Term Agent and any promissory notes executed in connection therewith, security instruments and any other agreements executed in connection with such Credit Agreement as the same may be amended, modified, supplemented or restated from time to time to the extent permitted under this Agreement.
Except for fees payable to Agent and Lenders, the fees due under the DIP Term Facility Documents, and fees payable to the Company's financial advisor (Jefferies LLC and its affiliates), none of the Credit Parties or any of their respective Subsidiaries has any obligation to any Person in respect of any finder's, broker's or investment banker's fee in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby.