Security Document definition

Security Document means this Agreement and any other agreement, document or instrument executed concurrently herewith or at any time hereafter pursuant to which one or more Credit Parties or any other Person either (a) Guarantees payment or performance of all or any portion of the Obligations, and/or (b) provides, as security for all or any portion of the Obligations, a Lien on any of its assets in favor of Agent for its own benefit and the benefit of the Lenders, as any or all of the same may be amended, supplemented, restated or otherwise modified from time to time.

Examples of Security Document in a sentence

  • However, Bid Security, document fee, Power of Attorney and joint bidding agreement shall be submitted physically by the Bidder on or before 08.06.2018 up to 17:00 Hrs IST.

  • Security document: if you break any condition related to the security document.

More Definitions of Security Document

Security Document means any one of them.
Security Document means the Guaranty, the Pledge Agreement and any security agreement, pledge agreement, financing statement, or other document, instrument or agreement creating, evidencing or perfecting the Administrative Agent’s Liens in any of the Collateral.
Security Document means all documents (including the mortgage documents) which we produce from time to time in connection with your or the guarantor’s obligations under this agreement, or in connection with the facility.