Definition of Term Facilities

Term Facilities means, collectively, the credit facilities comprising the Term Facility Commitments, the Term Facility Loans, any Extended Term Loans and any Other Term Loans.
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Term Facilities means Facility A and Facility B.
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Examples of Term Facilities in a sentence

Each such prepayment shall be applied first to the Acquisition Facility, the Acquisition B Facility and the Term Facilities in accordance with, and subject to the terms of, clause (iv) below and second ratably to the Working Capital Facility as set forth in clause (vii) below.
No compensation (other than that expressly contemplated by this Commitment Letter and the Fee Letter referred to below) will be paid in order to obtain any Lenders (as defined below) commitment to the Incremental Term Facilities unless you and the Commitment Parties shall so agree.
It is agreed that GS Bank shall receive left placement in any marketing materials for the Incremental Term Facilities and shall have all rights and responsibilities customarily associated with such position and such name placement.
Each reduction of the unused portion of the Term Commitments pursuant to Section 2.06(a) shall be applied ratably to the Term A Facility and, if applicable, the Incremental Term Facilities and to the principal repayment installments thereof on a pro rata basis.
Additional Term Loan Lender means any Eligible Assignee who agrees to provide Term Commitments in respect of one of the Term Facilities in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.15 in connection with a request for a Term Commitment Increase.