Definition of Term Facilities

  1. Term Facilities means, collectively, (a) the Term A Facility, (b) the Term B Facility and (c) with respect to any other Tranche of Term Loans, (i) on or prior to the applicable funding date of such Tranche of Term Loans, the aggregate amount of the Term Commitments of such Tranche at such time and (ii) thereafter, the aggregate principal amount of the Term Loans of all Term Lenders of such Tranche outstanding at such time.
  2. Term Facilities means the Term Loan A-1 Commitments, the Term A-1 Loans, the Term Loan A-2 Commitments and the Term A-2 Loans.

Examples of Term Facilities in a sentence

  1. Each reduction of the unused portion of the Term Commitments pursuant to Section 2.06(a) shall be applied ratably to the Term A Facility and, if applicable, the Incremental Term Facilities and to the principal repayment installments thereof on a pro rata basis.
  2. "CDN Term Facilities": the collective reference to the C$ CDN Term Facility and US$ CDN Term Facility.
  3. [[Parent Company] [[resigning Obligor] By:] By:] SCHEDULE 8 FORM OF COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE To: [Agent] as Agent From: [Parent Company] Dated: Dear Sirs Shire PLC US$ 5,600,000,000 Term Facilities Agreement dated [l] 2015 (the Agreement)

Definition of Term Facilities in Collateral Agent

Term Facilities means, at any time, the aggregate Term A Facility and the Incremental Term Facilities of all Lenders at such time, and "Term Facility" shall mean any of the Term A Facility or the Incremental Term Facilities, as the context may require.

Definition of Term Facilities in Credit Agreement

Term Facilities means, collectively, the Term A-3 Facility and the Term B Facility.

Definition of Term Facilities in Amended and Restated Credit Agreement

Term Facilities means, collectively, the credit facilities comprising the Term Facility Commitments, the Term Facility Loans, the Term Facility II Commitments, the Term Facility II Loans, any Extended Term Loans and any Other Term Loans.