Definition of Term Loan Documents

Term Loan Documents means the Loan Documents (as defined in the Term Loan Agreement).
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Term Loan Documents means the Term Loan Agreement and all other "Loan Documents" (as such term is defined in the Term Loan Agreement), in each case as the same may be further amended, amended and restated, modified, and/or supplemented from time to time.
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Term Loan Documents means the Term Loan Agreement , together with all other documents and agreements contemplated thereunder and executed in connection therewith.
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Examples of Term Loan Documents in a sentence

As part of the Term Loan Facility, the Term Loan Lenders agreed, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Term Loan Documents, to make certain loans to Visteon Corporation, including a $1.5 billion senior secured term loan.
The obligations of Visteon Corporation under the Term Loan Documents are guaranteed by each of the Debtors and certain non-Debtor Affiliates, except for Visteon Electronics Corporation ("VEC"), AutoNeural Systems, LLC, Toledo Mold & Die, Inc., any subsidiary thereof, and any person with capital stock of Toledo Mold & Die, Inc.
No Loan Party will, nor will it permit any Subsidiary to, amend, modify or waive any of its rights under (a) agreement relating to any Subordinated Indebtedness, (b) its certificate of incorporation, by-laws, operating, management or partnership agreement or other organizational documents to the extent any such amendment, modification or waiver would be adverse to the Lenders or (c) the Term Loan Documents.
For avoidance of doubt, it is understood that nothing in this Agreement shall prevent any ABL Secured Party or any Term Loan Secured Party from exercising any available remedy to accelerate the maturity of any indebtedness or other obligations owing under the ABL Documents or the Term Loan Documents, as applicable, or to demand payment under any guarantee in respect thereof.
Holdings will not own or acquire any assets (other than Equity Interests provided in the preceding sentence and the cash proceeds of any Restricted Payments permitted by Section 6.08) or incur any liabilities (other than liabilities under the Loan Documents, the Term Loan Documents, liabilities reasonably incurred in connection with its maintenance of its existence and liabilities otherwise permitted hereby).

More definitions of Term Loan Documents

Term Loan Documents means the Term Loan Agreement, the Collateral Agreements and any agreement, instrument or other document evidencing or governing any Term Loan Obligations.
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