Definition of Term A-3 Loans

Term A-3 Loans means the term loan made, or to be made, pursuant to Section 2.1(d) and "Term A-3 Loan" means any of such Term A-3 Loans.52450492_8

Examples of Term A-3 Loans in a sentence

The Initial Term Loan Commitments shall automatically terminate upon the making, conversion or continuance, as applicable, of the Initial Term B Loans and Term A-3 Loans on the Second Restatement Effective Date.
The obligations of the Lenders hereunder to make Committed Revolving Loans (including Alternative Currency Tranche Loans and Dollar Tranche Loans), to fund participations in Letters of Credit and Swing Line Loans, to make payments pursuant to Section 10.04(c), to make Term A-1 Loans, to make Term A-2 Loans, and to make Term A-3 Loans are several and not joint.
Term A-3 Loans may be Base Rate Loans or Eurocurrency Rate Loans, as further provided herein.
After giving effect to all Term A-3 Borrowings, all conversions of Term A-3 Loans from one Type to the other, and all continuations of Term A-3 Loans as the same Type, there shall not be more than five Interest Periods in effect in respect of the Term A-3 Facility.
The Borrower shall use the proceeds of the Term A-3 Loans and the Initial Term B Loans made in cash on the Second Restatement Effective Date to finance a portion of the Transactions (including the payment of Transaction Costs) and for working capital and other general corporate purposes, including the financing of Permitted Acquisitions and other investments and any other use not prohibited by the Loan Documents.