Applicable Date definition

Applicable Date shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 9.08(f).
Applicable Date means the earlier of (x) the first date on which the resale by the Buyers of all the Registrable Securities required to be filed on the initial Registration Statement (as defined in the Registration Rights Agreement) pursuant to the Registration Rights Agreement is declared effective by the SEC (and each prospectus contained therein is available for use on such date) or (y) the first date on which all of the Registrable Securities are eligible to be resold by the Buyers pursuant to Rule 144 (or, if a Current Public Information Failure has occurred and is continuing, such later date after which the Company has cured such Current Public Information Failure).

Examples of Applicable Date in a sentence

  • SETTLEMENT AMOUNT Example 3 – positive scenario: The Certificates have not been exercised on an Applicable Date, and the Final Closing Price of each Underlying Asset is 100 per cent.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company shall not be permitted to pay PIK Dividends on a Preferential Dividend Date occurring after the Applicable Date if an Equity Conditions Failure has occurred during the period beginning on the first day of the applicable Calendar Quarter through the applicable Preferential Dividend Date.

  • No interest shall be due on the suspended amount of payments.Minimum amount of third party insurance23.21,000,000 USD (One million) for any one occurrence with number of occurrences unlimited Compliances with Statutes and Regulations Price adjustment70.1Not Applicable Date Seal and Signature Conditions of Contract Appendix 1 Safety, Health and Environmental Regulations Council for Development and Reconstruction Beirut, Lebanon Rev 3.1 Nov.

  • Example 5 – negative scenario: The Certificates have not been exercised on an Applicable Date, the Final Closing Price of one Underlying Asset is 59 per cent.

  • So long as any Buyer holds any Series A Preferred Shares, the Company agrees not to extend, supplement or amend the Credit Agreements or enter into any other agreement or instrument restricting the declaration or payment of cash dividends on the Series A Preferred Shares or the right of Buyers to require the Company to redeem the Series A Preferred Shares, in each case, on or after the Applicable Date (as defined in the Certificate of Designation).

More Definitions of Applicable Date

Applicable Date means, at any time of determination, the latest to have occurred of the Effective Date, the most recent Renewal Date, or any date on which a Change of Control has occurred.
Applicable Date has the meaning set forth in Section 5.8(a).
Applicable Date means, with respect to any proposed Qualified Sale Transaction, (i) the date that the applicable notice is delivered to the SLP Stockholders by the Corporation that the MD Stockholder has entered into a Qualified Sale Transaction; provided, that a definitive agreement providing for such Qualified Sale Transaction on the terms specified in such notice has been entered into with the applicable purchaser prior to delivering such notice, and (ii) in all instances other than those specified in clause (i), the date that a definitive agreement is entered into with the applicable purchaser providing for such Qualified Sale Transaction.
Applicable Date means, in relation to each occasion upon which a regulation applies, the day upon which that regulation first applies, or, where a prescribed period in a paragraph of a regulation is expressed in hours, the time on that day when that regulation first applies;
Applicable Date means with respect to any Grantor, (i) the date of this Agreement if such Grantor is a party hereto on the Closing Date, (ii) the date on which an Assumption Agreement is executed and delivered by such Grantor if such Grantor is not a party hereto on the Closing Date, and (iii) with respect to a schedule to this Agreement that is amended or updated by a Grantor after the Closing Date pursuant to Section 5.9(c) of the Credit Agreement or from time to time, the date on which such Grantor provides such amendments or updates.
Applicable Date has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 9.02(g).