Definition of Term Loan

Term Loan means a 51/4 Year Term Loan, a 63/4 Year Term Loan, a New Term Loan, an Acquisition Term Loan or any Incremental Term Loan, and "Term Loans" means any two or more of them, collectively.

Term Loan means that certain term loan to be made on the date hereof by the Lenders to the Affiliated Term Borrowers pursuant to the Term Loan Agreement.

Term Loan means an advance made by any Term Lender under the Term Facility.

Examples of Term Loan in a sentence

The Incremental Term Loan Amendment may, without the consent of any other Lenders, effect such amendments to this Agreement and the other Loan Documents as may be necessary or appropriate, in the reasonable opinion of the Administrative Agent, to effect the provisions of this Section 2.20.
On the Funding Date, each Lender shall credit and/or transfer (as applicable) to the Designated Deposit Account, an amount equal to its Term Loan Commitment.
Interest shall accrue on each Term Loan commencing on, and including, the Funding Date of such Term Loan, and shall accrue on the principal amount outstanding under such Term Loan through and including the day on which such Term Loan is paid in full.
No consent of any Lender (other than the Lenders participating in the increase or any Incremental Term Loan) shall be required for any increase in Commitments or Incremental Term Loan pursuant to this Section 2.20.
Borrower irrevocably authorizes each Lender to make or cause to be made, on or about the Funding Date of any Term Loan or at the time of receipt of any payment of principal on such Lenders Secured Promissory Note, an appropriate notation on such Lenders Secured Promissory Note Record reflecting the making of such Term Loan or (as the case may be) the receipt of such payment.

More definitions of Term Loan

Term Loan means one or more term loans to the Borrower from the Term Loan Lenders in the original principal amount of $250,000,000, as such amount may be increased from time to time in accordance with Section 2.17.

Term Loan means the term loan made to Borrower pursuant to Section 2.1, and any amendment or restatement thereof.

Term Loan means a Loan made by a Term Lender pursuant to Section 2.01(a).

Term Loan means the Tranche I Term Loan and, as applicable, the Tranche II Term Loan and the Tranche III Term Loan.

Term Loan means a loan made by a Lender to the Borrowers pursuant to Section 2.1(a). (H) "Revolving Note" is hereby deleted and replaced with the following.

Term Loan means that loan made to the Authority pursuant to the Term Loan Agreement, dated as of September 8, 2006, by and among the Authority, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, as administrative agent, and the other financial institutions which are parties thereto.

Term Loan means a Facility A Loan, a Facility B Loan, a Facility C Loan, a Cash Bridge A Loan or a Cash Bridge B Loan.