Term Loans definition

Term Loans means, collectively, the Tranche A Term Loans and the Tranche B Term Loans.
Term Loans means, collectively, the Term A Loans and the Term B Loans.

Examples of Term Loans in a sentence

  • If the Borrower fails to specify a Type of Loan in a Committed Loan Notice or if the Borrower fails to give a timely notice requesting a conversion or continuation, then the applicable Term Loans or Revolving Credit Loans shall be made as, or converted to, Base Rate Loans.

  • The obligations of the Lenders hereunder to make Term Loans and Revolving Credit Loans, to fund participations in Letters of Credit and Swing Line Loans and to make payments pursuant to Section 11.04(c) are several and not joint.

  • Term debt Facility: where Senior Secured Credit Facility consisting of Term Loans, which are generally borrowed in their entirety at Closing and repaid according to an Amortization Schedule via a Bullet Maturity.

  • The 2026 Term Loans have an incremental facility capacity in the amount of $175.0 million plus additional amounts, provided that the Company meets certain conditions, including a specified leverage ratio.

  • Long-term debt consisted of the following: (In thousands)In March 2021, the Company amended and refinanced its existing term loans, resulting in the 2026 Term Loans (such refinancing, the “Term Loan Refinancing”).

More Definitions of Term Loans

Term Loans the collective reference to the Tranche A Term Loans and the Tranche B Term Loans.
Term Loans means the Initial Term Loans and, if applicable, the Incremental Term Loans and “Term Loan” means any of such Term Loans.
Term Loans means the term loans made by the Lenders to the Borrower pursuant to clause (a) of Section 2.01. Unless the context shall otherwise require, the term “Term Loans” shall include any Incremental Term Loans.