Term Loans definition

Term Loans as defined in Section 2.1.
Term Loans means, collectively, the Term A Loans, the Term B Loans and the Term C Loans.

Examples of Term Loans in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Prepayment Premium shall also be payable in the event the Term Loans are satisfied or released by a foreclosure (whether by power of judicial proceeding), deed in lieu of foreclosure or by any other means prior to the Maturity Date.

  • If requested by a Lender, the Term Loans shall be evidenced by a Secured Promissory Note or Notes in the form attached as Exhibit G hereto (each a “Secured Promissory Note”), and shall be repayable as set forth in this Agreement.

  • The Term Loans may only be prepaid in accordance with Sections 2.2(c), 2.2(d) or 6.5..

  • Borrower hereby unconditionally promises to pay each Lender, the outstanding principal amount of all Term Loans advanced to Borrower by such Lxxxxx and accrued and unpaid interest thereon and any other amounts due hereunder as and when due in accordance with this Agreement.

  • Borrower shall use the proceeds of the Term Loans to repay the Existing Credit Facilities, to finance working capital and for general corporate purposes, and not for personal, family, household or agricultural purposes.

More Definitions of Term Loans

Term Loans means the Initial Term Loans, any New Term Loans, any Replacement Term Loans, and any Extended Term Loans, collectively.
Term Loans has the meaning set forth in Section 2.01(c).
Term Loans means the Loans made by Lenders to Borrower pursuant to subsection 2.1A(i).
Term Loans means, collectively, the Term A Loans and the Term B Loans.
Term Loans means the Term B-1 Loans and/or Incremental Term Loans.