Tranche B Loans definition

Tranche B Loans means loans made pursuant to Section 2.1(a)(ii).
Tranche B Loans shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.01(b).
Tranche B Loans means as specified in Section 2.1(b).

Examples of Tranche B Loans in a sentence

  • Ratable distributions among the Tranche B Lenders under this Section 8.7 shall be made based on the ratio of the individual Tranche B Lender's Commitment for Tranche B Loans to the aggregate of all the Tranche B Lenders' Commitments for Tranche B Loans.

  • Tranche B Loans or Tranche C Loans owing to such Defaulting Lender, then the Tranche A Borrowers, TCCI or TFA, as applicable, shall pay or cause to be paid a ratable payment of principal and interest to all Tranche A Lenders, Tranche B Lenders or Tranche C Lenders, as applicable, who are not Defaulting Lenders.

  • Committed Tranche B Loans may be Base Rate Loans, Eurocurrency Rate Loans, Canadian Prime Rate Loans, Bankers’ Acceptances or BA Equivalent Notes, as further provided herein.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, if after giving effect to the making of any Tranche A Loans, Tranche B Loans or Tranche C Loans, the Unused Tranche A Commitment would be less than or equal to the Dollar Equivalent of EUR 300,000,000 (as determined by the Administrative Agent), then, only to the extent TKG has not borrowed EUR 300,000,000 as of the date such Loan is to be made, such Loans shall not be made without the consent of TKG (which consent may be waived only by TKG).

  • US Borrower may have no more than ten Borrowings of US Dollar Eurodollar Loans (including Tranche A Loans and Tranche B Loans) outstanding at any time.

More Definitions of Tranche B Loans

Tranche B Loans means the term loans made by the Lenders to the U.S. Borrower pursuant to clause (a)(ii) of Section 2.01 of this Agreement. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the term “Tranche B Loans” shall include any Incremental Term Loans that are designated as such in the applicable Incremental Assumption Agreement and that are made on terms identical to the Tranche B Loans.
Tranche B Loans means the advances by the Tranche B Lenders to the Borrower under the Tranche B Facility and may refer to Base Rate Advances or Eurocurrency Rate Advances (each of which shall be a “Type” of Tranche B Loans). Unless the context shall otherwise require, “Tranche B Loans” shall include any Incremental Term Advances (other than any additional Term Advances or any Specified Incremental Term Advances). The aggregate principal amount of the Tranche B Loans as of the Effective Date is $1,050,000,000.
Tranche B Loans means the loans now or hereafter made by or on behalf of any Lender or by Agent for the benefit of any Borrower on a revolving basis (involving advances, repayments and readvances) as set forth in Section 2.1(a)(ii) hereof.
Tranche B Loans means any Loans the purpose and use of which is to satisfy NSCC Deposit Requirements.
Tranche B Loans shall have the meanings given such -------------- --------------- terms in Paragraph 2(a) above.