Definition of Telecom Equipment

Telecom Equipment means telephone, internet and any other communications equipment, all connections (as defined below) and any technological evolution or replacement thereof.

Examples of Telecom Equipment in a sentence

If such interference persists after such alternative equipment is installed, Tenant will discontinue the use of its Telecom Equipment as necessary to discontinue such interference, and, at Landlords discretion, remove such Telecom Equipment according to specifications required by Landlord.
Tenant acknowledges and agrees that all Telecom Equipment will be obtained, installed, maintained, repaired, replaced and removed at the sole expense of Tenant.
Such costs may also include, if Tenant has not complied with Section 26.5, location of such Telecom Equipment and/or preparation of as-built plans or drawings of the Telecom Equipment serving the Premises and located in the Project.
In the event that Telecom Equipment, including, without limitation, wiring, cabling or satellite and antenna equipment of any type installed by or at the request of Tenant within the Premises, on the roof of the Building or elsewhere within or on the Project causes interference to equipment (including Telecom Equipment) used by another party, Tenant will be responsible for, and indemnify and defend Landlord against, all liability related to such interference.
Landlord does not make, and expressly disclaims, any representation, warranty or endorsement regarding or relating to any Telecom Provider, Telecom Services or Telecom Equipment.