Associate Members definition

Associate Members means the individuals or firms which have agreed to Joint Venture in connection with the Project;
Associate Members means those bodies given such
Associate Members means any persons, legal or otherwise, who shall pay such a subscription fee to the Company as is prescribed by the Board of Directors, but which persons shall not be members of the Company per se, but shall have certain rights as prescribed in Article 7;

Examples of Associate Members in a sentence

  • The Centre shall encourage the participation of Member States and Associate Members of UNESCO which, by their common interest in the objectives of the Centre, desire to cooperate with the Centre.

  • ED TECH JPA aggregates purchasing power and expertise for its Associate Members across California.

  • Ed Tech JPA Participating Associate Members shall be given the benefit of any lower prices which may, for comparable quality and delivery, be given by the Vendor to any other school district or any other state, county, municipal or local government agency in a California County for the product(s) listed in the RFP.

  • During the period of delivery under a contract resulting from this RFP, if the price of an item decreases, Ed Tech JPA Participating Associate Members shall receive a corresponding decrease in prices on the balance of the deliveries for as long as the lower prices are in effect.

  • For the purpose of this Constitution and the IFC Bylaws, both Full Members and Associate Members are referred to as Member Fraternities.

More Definitions of Associate Members

Associate Members means and includes those organizations admitted to this category of membership in accordance with Clause 6.
Associate Members means those Members of the Authority admitted in accordance with the terms and provisions of this Agreement that are not General Members. The Board of Directors may from time to time admit Associate Members on terms and conditions consistent with SGMA and as determined by the Board. Representatives of Associate Members may not serve on the Board and/or Board Committees. Likewise, while the Board of Directors welcomes their input, the representatives of Associate Members shall be non-voting, their presence shall not be counted in determining whether a quorum is present, and they shall not be permitted in closed sessions of the Board of Directors.
Associate Members shall refer collectively to all such persons in their capacities as Associate Members.
Associate Members means current students, teachers, principals and parents of YWGS and honorary members recommended by the Council, all of whom shall enjoy the same rights and benefits of Ordinary Members save and except for the right to vote at General
Associate Members means Local Advisory Councils within any hamlet, unincorporated community, First Nations or regional structure, situated in the Yukon Territory as defined by the Municipal Act.
Associate Members means all persons who are admitted to membership by the Guild pursuant to Clause 10;
Associate Members means those members of a Local Club aged 18 or over who pay a full subscription to the RCCC (that is, Ordinary Members and Honorary Members (Playing)), each of whom has one vote at all General Meetings of the RCCC as defined in Article 2.2;