Total Project Costs definition

Total Project Costs means the total amount of money required to complete the Project.
Total Project Costs means (a) the costs paid or incurred or to be paid or incurred by a Borrower Related Party in connection with or incidental to the acquisition, design, construction and equipping of the Project, including legal, administrative, engineering, planning, design, insurance, and costs of issuance; (b) amounts, if any, required by the Indenture Documents or the TIFIA Loan Documents to be paid into any fund or account upon the incurrence of the TIFIA Loan or any Secured Obligations; (c) payments when due (whether at the maturity of principal, the due date of interest, or upon optional or mandatory prepayment) during the Construction Period in respect of any indebtedness of the Borrower or any Credit Enhancement maintained by a Borrower Related Party, in each case in connection with the Project (other than the TIFIA Loan); and (d) costs of equipment and supplies and initial working capital and reserves required by the Borrower Related Parties for the commencement of operation of the Project, including general administrative expenses and overhead of the Borrower.
Total Project Costs means the Contribution and other verifiable cash or in-kind contributions either received or contributed by the Proponent and directly attributable to the Project.

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  • RAISE Funds Other Federal Funds Non-Federal Funds Total Future Eligible Project Costs Total Project Costs Other: [ If there are notable changes in aspects of the Project other than scope, schedule, and budget (e.g., recipient changes), then describe those changes here.

  • Table 1: Statistics on Projects per Agreement Objective National Objective Federal Total Project Costs # of Projects Clean Environment $ 18,238,424 $ 26,953,128 99 Productivity and Economic Growth $ 8,048,801 $ 10,152,467 36 Strong Cities and Communities $ 4,947,758 $ 8,879,414 28 Totals $ 31,234,983 $ 45,985,009 163 The number of projects per invested category for the 163 projects completed by NB communities is presented in the chart below.

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Total Project Costs means cost of multipurpose buildings and other improvement costs associated with the deferral project. Machinery and equipment are not included in this calculation. Common areas, such as hallways, bathrooms, and conference rooms, are not included in the square feet fig- ure for either the numerator or the denominator. The cost of the common areas is multiplied by the percent eligible to determine the portion of the common area that is eligible for deferral.
Total Project Costs means, with respect to a Project, the sum of (i) the Qualified Project Expenditures plus (ii) all other costs necessary to acquire the Land, construct the Development Work and the Construction Improvements in accordance with the Plans and Specifications and complete the Project.
Total Project Costs means, with respect to each Completed Project, the Project Costs incurred with respect to such Project as of the Non-Recourse Date for such Project (including all Project Costs incurred on such date).
Total Project Costs means the actual cost (calculated in [the Local Currency]) of developing, designing, building, financing, insuring and commissioning the Plant.
Total Project Costs means the sum of the following:
Total Project Costs has the meaning set forth in the Common Agreement.
Total Project Costs include all reasonable costs, fees and expenses incurred by the Company in connection with the investment in the Project and the issuance of the Bond. The Company will be responsible for any costs of or related to the Project, including, without limitation, those related to any change orders or cost overruns, to the extent that Bond proceeds are not available or are not sufficient to pay such costs.