Demonstration project definition

Demonstration project means one of the following projects:
Demonstration project means a project demonstrating a technology as a first of its kind in the Union and representing a significant innovation that goes well beyond the state of the art.
Demonstration project means the demonstration

Examples of Demonstration project in a sentence

  • Demonstration project to increase substance use provider capacity under the Medicaid program.

  • Demonstration project sites shall be confined to areas having a declining water table, an available surface water supply, and a high probability of physical, chemical, and economic feasibility for recharge of the ground- water reservoir.

  • The purpose of the forum was to provide members of the public an opportunity to comment on the progress of the TennCare Demonstration project, which has delivered Medicaid services to eligible Tennesseans under a managed care model since 1994.

  • All Demonstration expenditures claimed under the authority of title XIX of the Act must be reported each quarter on separate Forms CMS-64.9 Waiver and/or 64.9P Waiver, identified by the Demonstration project number assigned by CMS (including the project number extension, which indicates the demonstration year in which services were rendered or for which capitation payments were made).

  • The state must provide a summary of the Demonstration project, reiterate the objectives set forth at the time the Demonstration was proposed, and provide evidence of how these objectives have been met.

More Definitions of Demonstration project

Demonstration project means a school facilities project
Demonstration project means a project in which a vendor supplies a service or material to this state for which the state does not pay but for which this state may be obligated to provide routine support such as utility cost and operating personnel.
Demonstration project means any place providing child care which is operating with special approval of the department for exemptions to specific registration rules.
Demonstration project means any project that is innovative or new to the state of Iowa.
Demonstration project means a project which demonstrates a technology as a first of its kind in the Union and represents a significant innovation that goes well beyond the state of the art;
Demonstration project. ’ means a project to test or
Demonstration project means a method of providing care and services to residents that does not comply with all the regulations in this chapter but provides sufficient safeguards to protect the health and safety of residents.