Co-op Lease definition

Co-op Lease. With respect to a Co-op Loan, the lease with respect to a dwelling unit occupied by the Mortgagor and relating to the stock allocated to the related dwelling unit. Co-op Loan: A Mortgage Loan secured by the pledge of stock allocated to a dwelling unit in a residential cooperative housing corporation and a collateral assignment of the related Co-op Lease.
Co-op Lease. With respect to a Co-op Loan, the lease with respect to a dwelling unit occupied by the Mortgagor and relating to the stock allocated to the related dwelling unit. Co-op Lien Search: A search for (a) federal tax liens, mechanics’ liens, lis pendens, judgments of record or otherwise against (i) the Co-op Corporation and (ii) the seller of the Co-op Unit, (b) filings of Financing Statements and (c) the deed of the Co-op Project into the Co-op Corporation.

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  • Co-op: A private, cooperative housing corporation, having only one class of stock outstanding, which owns or leases land and all or part of a building or buildings, including apartments, spaces used for commercial purposes and common areas therein and whose board of directors authorizes the sale of stock and the issuance of a Co-op Lease.

  • The agreement creating a security interest in the stock allocated to a dwelling unit in the residential cooperative housing corporation that was pledged to secure such Co-op Loan and the related Co-op Lease.

  • Each original UCC financing statement, continuation statement or other governmental filing or recordation necessary to create or preserve the perfection and priority of the first lien and security interest in the Co-op Loan and Co-op Lease has been timely and properly made.

  • With respect to each Co-op Loan, there is no prohibition against pledging the shares of the Cooperative or assigning the Co-op Lease; Schedule 9 NETBANK MORTGAGE LOAN REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES Defined terms used but not defined in this Schedule 9 shall have the respective meanings assigned to them in the NetBank Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement.

  • As part of an overall implementation plan, VAHEF-specific targets will be defined in conjunction with the update to the Housing Vancouver targets noted in (5) above and staff will report back on a Co-op Lease Renewal Framework guiding how non-market co-op leases will be renewed as they near expiry.

  • M ortgaged Property: (a) With respect to each Mortgage Loan which is not a Co-op Loan, the underlying real property securingrepayment of a Mortgage Note and (b) with respect to each Co-op Loan, the related Cooperative Shares and related Co-op Lease.

  • The following other terms are defined as follows: Co-op Lease: With respect to a Co-op Loan, the lease with respect to a dwelling unit occupied by the Mortgagor and relating to the stock allocated to the related dwelling unit.

  • Except in the case of a Co-op Loan and the related Co-op Lease, no Mortgaged Property consists of a leasehold interest.

  • With respect to each Co-op Loan, there is no prohibition against pledging the shares of the Cooperative or assigning the Co-op Lease; Schedule 5CHF MORTGAGE LOAN REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES Defined terms used but not defined in this Schedule 5 shall have the respective meanings assigned to them in the CHF Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement.

  • To the best of Seller's knowledge, there exists no physical damage to any Mortgaged Property or any property that is the subject of a Co-op Lease from waste, fire, flood, windstorm, earthquake, tornado, hurricane or any other similar casualty, which physical damage would materially and adversely affect the value or marketability of any Loan, or any Property or, to the best of Seller's knowledge, the eligibility of any Loan for insurance benefits, or the amount of insurance benefits, by any Insurer.

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Co-op Lease means, with respect to a Co-op Loan, the lease with respect to the dwelling unit in the related residential cooperative housing corporation occupied by the related Mortgagor.
Co-op Lease means a proprietary lease relating to the occupancy by the lessee thereunder of a single family residential cooperative apartment, the assignment of which secures a Co-Op Loan.

Related to Co-op Lease

  • Sub-Lease means the sub-lease entered into following the approval of an Approved Sub-lease;

  • Ground Lease means a lease creating a leasehold estate in real property where the fee owner as the ground lessor conveys for a term or terms of years its entire interest in the land and buildings and other improvements, if any, comprising the premises demised under such lease to the ground lessee (who may, in certain circumstances, own the building and improvements on the land), subject to the reversionary interest of the ground lessor as fee owner. With respect to any Mortgage Loan where the Mortgage Loan is secured by a Ground Leasehold estate in whole or in part, and the related Mortgage does not also encumber the related lessor’s fee interest in such Mortgaged Property, based upon the terms of the Ground Lease and any estoppel or other agreement received from the ground lessor in favor of Mortgage Loan Seller, its successors and assigns (collectively, the “Ground Lease and Related Documents”), Mortgage Loan Seller represents and warrants that:

  • Operating Lease means, as applied to any Person, any lease (including, without limitation, leases which may be terminated by the lessee at any time) of any Property (whether real, personal or mixed) which is not a Capital Lease other than any such lease in which that Person is the lessor.

  • Mining Lease means the Mining Lease granted pursuant to Clause 5 and according to the requirements of the context shall describe the area of land demised as well as the instrument by which it is demised;

  • Wet Lease means any arrangement whereby Owner or a Permitted Lessee agrees to furnish the Aircraft, Airframe or any Engine to a third party pursuant to which the Aircraft, Airframe or Engine shall at all times be in the operational control of Owner or a Permitted Lessee, provided that Owner’s obligations under the Trust Indenture shall continue in full force and effect notwithstanding any such arrangement.

  • Lease Agreement means the bargain, with respect to the lease, of the lessor and the lessee in fact as found in their language or by implication from other circumstances including course of dealing or usage of trade or course of performance as provided in this article. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the term includes a sublease agreement.

  • Master Lease Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 7.2(c)(xiv).

  • Space Lease The space or occupancy lease pursuant to which any Borrower holds a leasehold interest in the related Mortgaged Property, together with any estoppels or other agreements executed and delivered by the lessor in favor of the lender under the related Mortgage Loan(s).

  • New Lease Any lease of REO Property entered into on behalf of the Trust, including any lease renewed or extended on behalf of the Trust if the Trust has the right to renegotiate the terms of such lease.

  • Financeable Ground Lease means, a ground lease reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent on behalf of the Lenders, which must provide customary protections for a potential leasehold mortgagee (“Mortgagee”) such as (i) a remaining term, including any optional extension terms exercisable unilaterally by the tenant, of no less than 25 years, (ii) a provision that the ground lease will not be terminated until the Mortgagee has received notice of a default, has had a reasonable opportunity to cure and has failed to do so, (iii) provision for a new lease to the Mortgagee as tenant on the same terms if the ground lease is terminated for any reason, (iv) transferability of the tenant’s interest under the ground lease by the Mortgagee without any requirement for consent of the ground lessor unless based on delivery of customary assignment and assumption agreements from the transferor and transferee, (v) the ability of the tenant to mortgage tenant’s interest under the ground lease without any requirement for consent of the ground lessor and (vi) provisions that the tenant under the ground lease (or the leasehold mortgagee) has customary protections with respect to the application of insurance proceeds or condemnation awards attributable to the tenant’s interest under the ground lease and related improvements.

  • Company Lease means any lease, sublease, sub-sublease, license and other agreement under which the Company or any of its Subsidiaries leases, subleases, licenses, uses or occupies (in each case whether as landlord, tenant, sublandlord, subtenant or by other occupancy arrangement), or has the right to use or occupy, now or in the future, any real property.

  • Existing Lease shall have the meaning assigned thereto in Section 10.7.

  • Sublease Agreement shall have the meaning specified in Section 8.2(b).

  • Site Lease means the lease of part of the Site from the Minister for Finance on behalf of the State to the Company;' ;

  • Tenant Lease means any lease entered into by the Borrower, any Loan Party or any Subsidiary with respect to any portion of a Property.

  • Master Lease This schedule is issued pursuant to the Lease identified on page 1 of this Schedule. All of the terms and conditions of the Lease are incorporated in and made a part of this Schedule as if they were expressly set forth in this Schedule. The parties hereby reaffirm all of the terms and conditions of the Lease (including, without limitation, the representations and warranties set forth in Section 8) except as modified herein by this Schedule. This Schedule may not be amended or rescinded except by a writing signed by both parties. CARDIMA, INC. COMDISCO, INC. as Lessee as Lessor By: /s/ Xxxx Xxxxxxx By: ------------------ ------------------------------- Title: Title: --------------- ----------------------------- Date: Date: ---------------- ----------------------------- 18 SLXXXXX-XX EXHIBIT 1 SUMMARY EQUIPMENT SCHEDULE -------------------------- This Summary Equipment Schedule dated XXXX is executed pursuant to Equipment Schedule No. X to the Master Lease Agreement dated XXXX between Comdisco, Inc. ("Lessor") and XXX ("Lessee"). All of the terms, conditions, representations and warranties of the Master Lease Agreement and Equipment Schedule No. X are incorporated herein and made a part hereof, and this Summary Equipment Schedule constitutes a Schedule for the Equipment on the attached invoices.

  • Ground Leases Collectively, those certain leases with respect to real property that is a portion of the Leased Property, pursuant to which Landlord is a tenant and which leases are in existence as of the Commencement Date and listed on Schedule 2 hereto or, subject to Section 7.3, subsequently added to the Leased Property in accordance with the provisions of this Lease. Each of the Ground Leases is referred to individually herein as a “Ground Lease.”

  • Operating Leases means all real or personal property leases under which any Company is bound or obligated as a lessee or sublessee and which, under GAAP, are not required to be capitalized on a balance sheet of such Company; provided that Operating Leases shall not include any such lease under which any Company is also bound as the lessor or sublessor.

  • Net Lease means a lease which requires the tenant to coordinate and pay directly all real estate taxes, sales and use taxes, utilities, insurance and other operating expenses relating to the leased property. In addition, except to the extent that compensation for leasing services is specifically included in the foregoing property management fees, Owner shall also pay Manager a separate fee for the leases of new tenants and renewals of leases with existing tenants in an amount not to exceed the fee customarily charged by others rendering similar services in the same geographic area; provided, however, that in no event may the aggregate of all property management fees and leasing fees paid to Manager exceed six percent (6.0%) of Gross Revenues, and further provided that the foregoing limitation is not intended to preclude the payment of a separate competitive fee for the one-time initial rent-up or leasing-up of a newly constructed property or the total rehabilitation of a property if such service is not included in the purchase price of the property. The fees payable hereunder shall be paid on a monthly basis from the rental income received from the Properties over the term of this Management Agreement. Manager's compensation under this Section 5.1 shall apply to all renewals, extensions or expansions of Leases that Manager has originally negotiated. In the event Manager assists with planning and coordinating the construction of any tenant-paid finish-out or improvements, Manager shall be entitled to receive from any such tenant an amount equal to not greater than five percent (5.0%) of the cost of such tenant improvements.

  • Head Lease or “Superior Lease” means the document which sets out the promises the Landlord has made to the Superior Landlord. The promises contained in this Head Lease will bind the Tenant if he has prior knowledge of those promises.

  • Master Leases means the PropCo Master Leases and each other Material Master Lease.

  • Operating Lease Expense means the sum of all payments and expenses incurred by a Person, under any operating leases during the period of determination, as determined in accordance with GAAP.

  • Existing Leases means those leases, license agreements and occupancy agreements identified on Schedule 2.1.3, as the same may be amended or modified from time to time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

  • Financing Lease any lease of property, real or personal, the obligations of the lessee in respect of which are required in accordance with GAAP to be capitalized on a balance sheet of the lessee.

  • Sublease means a lease of goods the right to possession and use of which was acquired by the lessor as a lessee under an existing lease.