Flood control definition

Flood control means any undertaking for the conveyance, control, and dispersal of floodwaters caused by abnormally high direct precipitation or stream overflow.
Flood control means all development on rivers and streams designed to retard bank erosion, to reduce flooding of adjacent lands, to control or divert stream flow, or to create a reservoir, including but not limited to revetments, dikes, levees, channelization, dams, weirs, flood and tidal gates. Excluded are water pump apparatus.
Flood control means any system of public improvements that is intended to protect property from overflow by water.

Examples of Flood control in a sentence

  • Flood control, groundwater recharge, and pollutant reduction shall be achieved through the use of stormwater management measures, including green infrastructure Best Management Practices (GI BMPs) and nonstructural stormwater management strategies.

  • Flood control and stormwater quality facilities (levees, dikes, overflow channels, swales, bio-filtration facilities, infiltration facilities, detention basins, retention basins, dams, pump stations, groundwater recharging basins, sediment traps, wetlands, etc.) that have been designed and constructed expressly for use by the general public and accepted by the city.

  • Flood control works are designed and constructed to have appreciable and de- pendable protection in preventing dam- age from irregular and unusual rises in water levels.

  • Flood control alternatives were modeled to evaluate their impact on water elevations and flood damages.

  • Flood control projects are intended to reduce riverine and coastal storm damage; these projects range from levees and floodwalls to dams and river channelization.

More Definitions of Flood control

Flood control means the taking of all appropriate steps to protect land areas from floods or to minimize damage therefrom.
Flood control means the elimination or reduction of the probability and/or extent of flood damage by the construction of flood channels, storage reservoirs, channel improvements, dikes and levees, bypass channels, or other engineering works.
Flood control means control or fending off heavy rainfall or flooding by artificial means to abate or alleviate the damages of flood submergence.
Flood control means the prevention or reduction of flooding and/or flood damage.
Flood control means measures to protect land areas from floods or to minimize damage therefrom.
Flood control means the temporary storage of flood waters at any reservoir pool level as necessary to alleviate flood damages through the City of Trinidad and downstream reaches.
Flood control means the ability of the Wetland Resource Area to prevent and/or reduce flooding and flood damage.