Stored Materials definition

Stored Materials shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.8 hereof.
Stored Materials means building materials or furnishings that have not yet been incorporated into the Improvements.
Stored Materials means any and all materials, equipment, fixtures or articles of Personal Property purchased by Borrower to be placed or affixed in, on or to the Land or Improvements in connection with the construction work with respect to the Project which have not yet been incorporated in the Project.

Examples of Stored Materials in a sentence

  • Stored Materials: Include in Application for Payment amounts applied for materials or equipment purchased or fabricated and stored, but not yet installed.

  • DPMC Form 11-3 - Prime Contractors Summary of Stored Materials; e.

  • The Contractor furnishes the "Prime Contractor's Summary of Stored Materials" and "Agreement and Bill of Sale Certification for Stored Materials," forms respectively.

  • Payment shall not be made for "Stored Materials" for any material stored at locations or in any manner not suitable to the Owner.

  • Stored Materials: When payment for materials stored is permitted, submit a separate schedule for Materials Stored showing line item, description, previous value received, value incorporated into the Work and present value.

More Definitions of Stored Materials

Stored Materials means delivered materials or equipment that are located at the Project Site, or with the OWNER’s approval at another location, and that have not yet been incorporated into the Work.
Stored Materials means materials or equipment stored safely off-Site in a secure warehouse or on the premises of a fabricator or some other secure facility reasonably acceptable to the Owner and not yet incorporated into the Work.
Stored Materials means materials and/or equipment not yet incorporated in the Construction Work stored at the Site or off-Site by the Design Build Entity or its Subcontractors.
Stored Materials is defined in Section 3.2(X).
Stored Materials has the meaning given to such term in Section 3.04 hereof.
Stored Materials means ---------------- materials purchased by Borrower and stored at the Premises or at an off-site location reasonably acceptable to Lender for use in the Project, but not yet installed or incorporated into the Project.
Stored Materials has the meaning assigned to that term in Section 5.25(a) hereof.